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when looking at these photos one might note that those living in Rutland ,Vt. were not basking in the lap of might also note that the risk of death for the cause of freedom(1861-1864) was marginaly nicer than the grinding poverty of a state that only has a nominal summer.the suckitude is might also note that here in the NE wastes we tend our annoyences towards the injuns and the queebes.we are not chanaling race we are channaling we do not like you and until you prove we shouldn't we won't talk to the portogees in RI. what about the yellow peril that made the tracks. they were in some ugly the pictures posted americans are explaining why they are happier here than the so called soviet union where it really sucks to be dusky african or not.any roads just trying to say that life is hard for the peeps inculluding those running IBM who are making stuff happen,get used to it
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epic rule #5 is wrong,if bacon does not have nitrates it is simply poorly salted fatback.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2008 on Lazy Day Chicago Part 3 at Bolus