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Run Silent
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"Superman Returns" was the big surprise for me on your list. Not that I didn't like it (I did), but it hardly got any respect. Still, for me, Brandon Routh was a really great Man of Steel, just a shade less cartoony than Reeve, but really alienated (pardon the pun). Great review, Mister DeMayo. Good stuff!
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Wow. That's a surprising(ly) good set of films. I don't know how you guys can even pick them. I can't remember the last ten films I saw!
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I'm not quite old enough to remember "The Apartment" when it came out, but I do remember seeing "Diner" for the first time. You've really nailed how special it was. Plus, what a connection. Two films that both include New Year's Eve 1959! That crack staff of yours must've been working overtime...
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Why why why did "Four Christmases" make so much dough then? Everybody said it sucked (and, although I didn't see it, it probably did) but it just keeps on making money.
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