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I graduated college last year, and I'm still amazed at how many of my peers (and younger) take forever to find out their "calling" or career. I guess what I'm amazed at is how many people are still telling young people that they have to pick their career at age 17 and stick with it, without telling them what really lies ahead: most 50 year-olds are still figuring out what they want to do next (and that's not a bad thing, per se). While unfocused career-hopping is never good, focused and strategic exploring should be encouraged (!) not just allowed. If society accepted that the process to figure out your passion or ideal career is long-term and needs to weigh a whole slew of important factors, then young adults would probably find out sooner. The other topic this relates to is that our college system doesn't encourage risk. Like in business, we should be taking risks and throwing ourselves into a profession, instead of waiting until end of junior year to do an observational internship. Risk, fail, learn about yourself, and keep moving on. That's real education.
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