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Cute! Cute! Cute! Happy New Year Kerry! Many blessings to you and your family.
She's here! She's here!!! Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful! I have tears of joy are streaming down for you. What a wonderful and perfect gift. So true... hope deferred... but a longing fulfilled is the spring of life. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, indeed! What a day of rejoicing! Enjoy every single moment. Congratulations! Sarah in Idaho
Wow! I'm sitting here feeling so much joy for him. Tear filled eyes, and knowing the Holy Spirit is speaking so loudly to me. Three years ago I really started learning about kids in foster care and wondering what I might do. I've read so many Wednesday's Child profiles and have always been pulled to the older girls about to age out of the system. I've wondered who was going to help them through the next major life decisions and help them in the process: deciding whether or not to go to college, what to study, how to get a job, how to find an apartment and pay bills, and, and, and... While at the Summit last week I met a social worker from Minnesota. We were waiting in line for lunch on Friday and she asked me how I got to the Summit and I told her about VIsiting Orphans. She wanted to know more, so we decided to have lunch together. After awhile I asked her what she did and then asked her to tell me more about older kids in foster kids, and what I felt the Lord had been speaking to my heart. She stopped me and said that I could only ask if I was really sure I was going to get involved because everyone she talks to does. I told her I had been praying and thinking about this for 3 yrs so, speak! :) She said there is a transitional program and it sounds perfect. I instantly knew the Lord was leading in me being at the Summit and meeting this lady. He has just put so many pieces together to get me to this point and I can't wait to see what he has next for me and foster care and those amazing kids! So Friday night when we met and you asked me what was happening in my life, well I hadn't quite had time to think about what I had learned earlier that afternoon, but here it is. I'm getting in contact with the appropriate people and moving forward with mentoring an older girl in the foster care system. I've been reading the bio's of the Wednesday's Children and those girls are so amazing. I'm so excited!! I love how the Lord keeps touching our hearts to move us to love more. It's amazing. How wonderful it is for this man, Jelant Freeman, to have your family as his family. It's the perfect picture of what I have been dreaming and praying about. Thanks for sharing. Sarah Schroder
This is such GREAT news indeed!!! Thanks for sharing it Kerry. It's hard to weed through all that there is with this Health Care bill and it is quite intimidating and hard to understand. Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit VI! Wa-Hoo!!! I'm so excited to be going and to see what the Lord is going to do there! I've reviewed the sessions that are being offered and they sound so amazing. I'm going to be working the Visiting Orphans booth. This is a great way to get involved with orphans and to learn how to serve them better. Thanks for blogging. You're a blessing!!
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Thank you Kerry. God is healing in so many ways. Thank you. Sarah in Idaho
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2010 on Beauty From Our Ashes at Kerry Hasenbalg
One more thing... Todays post really hit home. Really. Thanks for helping me have my eyes to my heart open a bit more. Sarah
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on Spotless at Kerry Hasenbalg
Kerry, thank you for giving so much of yourself to share these thoughts and lessons. Truly thought provoking and heart touching each time. The last few days I have been spending time thinking about what I am thankful for and then thanking the Lord for these things. I wanted to let you know that I am thankful that you share your heart without pretense to those of us here in blog world. You are a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving! Sarah in Idaho
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Kerry, Thank you for continuing to write. I've been reading and pondering and really enjoying the thoughts that are provoked by you sharing your thoughts and life. It's a blessing to me. Thank you! Sarah in Idaho
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2009 on The Ministry of the Unnoticed at Kerry Hasenbalg
Amen! Thanks for sharing. Sarah in Idaho (soon to be Washington)
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2009 on Mending Torn Pieces at Kerry Hasenbalg
Amazing picture! I just keep looking at it. Really pondering it with what you have written. I am needing the living water. Feel like I can't find it at all right now. I keep asking myself, "where is He?". Then I immediately think, where am I? Why am I so far from Him? Thank you for your blog and speaking from your heart. Sarah
Toggle Commented May 3, 2009 on Living Water at Kerry Hasenbalg
Praying earnestly for Him to fill you with his perfect peace. Hold on to him tight dear Kerry. Sarah
Toggle Commented May 1, 2009 on The Return of Sorrow at Kerry Hasenbalg
Oh Kerry,~ beautifully put into words. What you write here speaks so deeply to me and is comforting. Extreme opposite ends of the spectrum with emotions, describes my life perfectly right now and for the last 2 months. So much keeps happening. Such great joy and praise to God and excitement, and then also such devastation, disruption, and saddness. I had chill bumps all over when I read this. Praise God that while he is the creator of time, he is not confined by it! Thank you again for your thoughts and sharing your heart. Sarah in Idaho
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Kerry, Isn't it just so wonderful to go and worship in a concert setting?! I have been to a MWS concert when I was in high school and then went to SCC's in Portland, Or. in late 2007 after we had been in China that summer. It was so great. Between artist at SCC's concert everyone was milling around. I looked up at the stage and there was David Trask! He noticed me to and yelled out my name. Oh I love that man! What a testimony and love for God he has, and orphans! It was great to get to visit after the concert. I took my brother with me and we danced and jumped up and down and sang out hearts out. Gives ya a little taste of what it will be like to sing with everyone in heaven. So glad you had a wonderful moment of worship! Still praying for you and your family! Sarah in Idaho
Praise the LORD indeed! Thank you Kerry. On with the Praise! Sarah in Idaho
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2009 on God's Tender Mercies at Kerry Hasenbalg
Kerry, I am so thankful that the Lord helped you lift your head to see him and his love for you. He has been lifting mine as well. I can just imagine how he might without us realizing, reach down and caress our cheek and ever so gently lift our heads and say, "See? See how much I love you dear one?!" He is so good. I so enjoyed hearing you laugh. It is good for the soul. Enjoy your time! Sarah in Idaho
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2009 on The Lord of the Valley at Kerry Hasenbalg
Kerry, my heart aches for you. Please know you are loved. Praying for you and your family. Psalm 143:8 Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul. Sarah
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2009 on Return to the Valley at Kerry Hasenbalg
Thank you Kerri for giving those precious children a voice for many to hear. The way one's heart can completely break, but at the same time overflow in overwhelming, unconditional love for these orphans is straight from God. I still have those thoughts of "who is going to hold them, comfort them, and love them after I have left?". All I can believe is that God is standing over every single crib and bed loving them like only he can. Thank you for going. I know this was so very hard for you. Thank you for answering His call.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2009 on There's No Place Like Home at Kerry Hasenbalg
Wow! How precious was that!? This totally hit my heart and made so much sense. I will definitely be working on 'fussering' this next week, especially at work where people need my compassion and caring rather than my words and rightness! Thanks Kerry!
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2009 on First Grade Theology at Kerry Hasenbalg
Kerry, Thank you for your heart going out to each of us. My prayer request~ Oh, I am shaking already and my heart is racing. This is hard for me because it has been pressing on me for so long. Tonight I went to my Women's Bible Study. We are in Esther with a Beth Moore study. I haven't been to BS in 3 wks and was strongly encouraged to come tonight by many of the ladies. Tonight was about how Esther had to choose to be courageous. A minute into the video I knew it was the Lord who had asked me to come. Here is what spoke to my heart and got my attention. "I can protect myself right out of my calling", and "I may be one brave decision away from changing my life and living it the way God intended and planned it". A call to be Brave and Courageous! Another great statement was, "We can be one decision away from breaking the same old story line of our lives." This all may not mean anything to others, but it was so profound to me. I gasped right out loud and even said a very loud "WOW!" right in front of everyone. Here's the story behind all of this for me. I know without any doubt that I have been called to China and to work with or for orphans. Ever since I was in High School and perhaps earlier than that. IT FRIGHTENS ME. Like I said in a past comment post, I have been to China 3 times. This last January I started an earnest seeking and searching process to go back to China and work in either the orphanage or with a foster home there just outside of Beijing. I have had the idea to stay 3 to 6 months, to a year over there and maybe longer. Through one thing or another it hasn't worked out. And I know why. I am the 'another' part of that saying. I am too afraid to just pick up and leave everything. I am too afraid of the what if. Beth talked about a sentence for us to think about in the video tonight. "And if_________ (this happens,whatever you fear most), then______ (the outcome you believe will occur, be it tragedy, heartbreak, whatever.) The dialog provided was "and if, our greatest fear, then, God would ask what? You fall apart, you lay on the floor for days and wail, you slip into depression and heartache, then, then, then? And soon it turns into then, I lift my head up. Then, I open my Bible. Then, I start remembering Your promises. Then, I start letting you, Father, pick up the pieces. Then, I start moving forward again with Your grace and love, and power. Nothing will ever be to hard to go through with Him. One verse given was 1 Jn 4:18 ...Perfect love cast out fear... I am tired of the fear. If I move to China, then everyone will forget me. If I move to China, then I will miss out on something here. If I move to China, then I might not ever get married. If I move to China and experience the most heartbreaking experience of some of those babies dying in my arms, then I might never recover. I realize that these my not be the most rational fears. But they are that. My Fear. Oh how I love those babies and older children I have met already. I think about them. Pray for them. Tell as many as will listen about them. This fear is suffocating and debilitating. So my prayer request~ For the fear to be removed so I can do what God wants me to and to follow Him ever more closely. To be so bold and courageous in the Lord that I can actually step out and start doing instead of saying I will. Kerry, if any of this is not appropriate in anyway to share on here, feel free to delete. Thank you for loving people so much. What a gift you have been given. I continually pray for you and your family and others that have been mentioned on here. The devotions on this blog have worked on my heart so much over the last couple of months. Thank you. Sarah
Kerry, I love your random thoughts. This is how my mind works much of the time. About me~ I constantly read and really enjoy your blog. The Lord has used your writings to speak to me so strongly, and often reaching me deep in my heart. Thank you for what you have been willing to write. I am a single lady without any children, living in Idaho. I love reading other's blogs. Reading about their lives is encouraging and brings me into their adventure. I cannot color my hair any longer. I have too much iron in my water and it continues to process the chemicals, turning my brown hair very orange. Kind of a bummer, but I like my natural grey highlights that are coming in. Okay, I sort of like them. I will be 35 yrs old next Wednesday and am struggling a bit with it. I have been to China with Visiting Orphans 3 times now. Life altering! God is so big and so amazing in where He leads me to. I feel so empty not being there with the babies. I made lots of Christmas cookies today. My favorite sound is laying in bed late at night in the summer with the windows wide open, listening to the irrigation sprinklers running in the surrounding fields. I treasure my friends so much! I love the color red. I see aloneness and being lonely as the most painful thing in our world. Being forgotten whether young or old. I love cloud watching. I am so glad that I have been found. And that. . . He loves me.