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I am sorry, I didn't do RXD. I wish though. Scaled MU to transitions on rings.
I am reading this with a great sadness. Sending my deep sympathy and warm thoughts to Annette, Sarah and their family. Chris will be missed greatly and always remembered.
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2013 on Sad news ... at CrossFit Brisbane
Congratulations ladies! Awesome work!
Toggle Commented May 19, 2013 on Rest Day!! - Sunday, 19/5/2013 at CrossFit Brisbane
My basic math skills abandoned me, I did 321 not 331.
3 climbs
it's so weird. 53calories
35 across
70kg across
scaled to 3 rounds of: 10 GHD situps 3 Wall walks then 60 ring dips
5x band muscle-ups (thin red band) Then jumping MU (from the floor/plate)
only 55/55/55/50/50 Everything felt heavy.
Learning the movement. AMRAP= 2 lonely reps (and lots of other strange forms)
Bench: 42.5/42.5/45 HSPU scaled to 20 Wall walks: 9:56
A combination of baby MU, toe assisted, band assisted, person assisted MU :)
Press: 32.5/35/36 Push Press: 50/51/50 Push Jerk: 52.5/55/57.5f
80/85/90/90 x5
Anna: L-sit: 12/15/11sec MU: Red band 6x1, assisted on high rings x4 (no dip)
10:50 Rxd