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Loving Franco's one-liners (that about all) when it come to this storyline. also, it is interesting to see Jason having some emotions, besides staring. Glad Michael is finally being shown to have some conflict in regards to Claudia's death. Laura and Drew were very good in those scenes. I have always wanted GH to dive into Patrick's past, and this is all they could come up with. OMG, shut up, Lisa. GH really waste the opportunities they had with Rick Springfield to give us more insight into Patrick's background. Liz, Liz, Liz! Just hate what they have done to her character. But if Sam can recover, so can she... may take a few years. I am pretty much done with my consistent viewing of GH, and keep up mostly by the internet. Thanks ladies, for your service!
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2010 on Two Kinds of Awesome at Serial Drama
Yes, Jason was a little over the top, but I sure did enjoy it. Carly wouldn't let anybody talk to Michael like that except Jason. STAND UP!! Seems like Liz is literally making a fool out of both brothers now. One is still clueless and the other just doing whatever she says do. Liz's behaviour is at it's worst now, so the writers decided to bring out the children so she could have a pity party and I guess we suppose to feel sorry for her. I don't think so ...
Those three in your photo is the main reason why I'm withdrawing myself from this show. Three generations of justified killers. Sad part about it, Michael just getting started.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2009 on Grammatical AND Moral Failure at Serial Drama
The whole Robin/Patrick/Sam/Jason scenes were just dumb. They are really just rolling through this story so Sarah can move on over to her new show. Sam was just there today to look a Jason. I can already tell that the writers are going to make the upcoming angst Robin's fault AGAIN. You would think these Emmy Award winning writers would stick that award in the middle of the conference room table and it would inspire them to write something that hasn't been done already 5000 times. I like Patrick but I'm going to be pissed if she is sacrificed at the alter for him again.
It may have been Spinelli and Maxie's special day, but Mac, Patrick, Coleman, Alexis and Kate stole the show! Hard to believe we had two good episodes back to back.
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2009 on Talk About Your Manic Mondays at Serial Drama
I guess Nik made this trip worth Liz's time and effort. She left her toddler with a head injury (of course, he was better)in the hospital, caught a boat ride, did the deed, caught a boat ride back and managed to accept Lucky's proposal with a fairly straight face. I may have given these two a chance, but this was just cruel. Especially, after Lucky gave her chance to bail before she crossed that line. Nik is just cold-hearted like his Grandma Helena.
If the writers would have actually taken the TIME to write a believable story for this Liz/Nik mess, it may have been acceptable. This "microwave" romance is just unbelievable. Liz had the chance today to lay it on the line for Lucky, but she chose to sugarcoat it instead. Liz looks stupid and Nik just looks like a traitor to his brother. They both have reached to the level of whorish behaviour that you expect from Sonny and Carly. I know we probably won't get it, but I would love for the writers to give Lucky some awesome dialogue when this mess comes out. He don't have to play it over the top, just set these two straight and move on with his life. He deserves that much.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2009 on Generally Unhospitable at Serial Drama
Sam has definately given Jason a little spunk, but episodes like yesterday still shows that he suck up too much airtime. That walk through the carnival aftermath was just way to long. My dislike for Jason is that he and Noah Drake were pretty much written the same storyline, but Jason's abandonment of Jake is suppose to be for "noble" reasons. The fact is, he got a nurse pregnant, paid her off to raise his child, and sent her on her merry way. It's time for the writters to stop with the endangerment excuse and long stares trying to get us to have pity on this deadbeat father. It still ticks me off that Monica is clueless that she has a grandson.
I must give GH credit for beginning to have more scenes with cast members being together and sincerely enjoying each others company. We are so sick of all the scenes with everybody being together and scared for theirs lives and waiting for Jason to save them. I know the violence is coming next week but at least I can rewatch todays episode. The actress that plays Molly is adorable and just plain fun to watch. Every kid on this show doesn't have to be a brat. Writers please don't change her. I loved Robin & Patrick and was hoping for a scene with Emma but considering whats coming, they will have to be in full doctor mode once the violence starts. I continue to love the flirting and can't keep their hands off each other. They really need to show more scenes of Sonny interacting with his children instead of the usual assigning them a body guard role. My only complaint, the Nik and Ethan scene with them acting like five year olds was ridiculous. Karen Harris, thank you for a pretty good episode.
I will be delusional and assume that the Emmy was not for overall writing but those few episodes where the awesome writer escaped. There really is no explanation for this type of poor judgement.
Never thought I would have to fast forward through Maxie scenes, but that is what I have to do. Spin and Maxie's cuteness is gone and they are unbearable to watch!
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2009 on Port Charles Notable Quotables at Serial Drama
I could not believe the garbage that Claudia was speaking today. Sonny needs to kick her out the house now or hide his condoms before she gets to them. I really don't care who ends up with Jason, just glad to see him do something besides "stare". I cannot get into Nik and Liz because there is no story, they are ready to "do it" for some reason. My prediction is that Liz will be looking the worst when all this is said and done. GH absolutely does not know what to do with her character besides give her to someone that already taken. It's like lets just throw her here and see where she sticks. I really think its time for this actress to consider leaving this show.
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2009 on The One With Resolution! at Serial Drama
Good grief, just another opportunity for Jason to be superman with Sam being wonderwoman by his side. It will probably be interesting the first day and make no sense by the second day! GH has trained its viewers well ...
Maxie was the "bigger" idiot today. She knew Mac was not going to approve and was going to use that to her advantage, but she totally showed no respect for her "father" figure today. I just don't see the love factor with Spinelli and they have turned her into a cartoon as well. Enjoyed Patrick, Robin and Lulu and most of Mac. I could totally just imagine him dismembering Spinelli. Claudia in white, whatever ... still evil!
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2009 on Every Little Thing It Does Is Tragic at Serial Drama
If ladies took GH seriously; they would never consider getting pregnant. Every pregnant character on this show has some type of serious drama. Since Claudia is a fictional chracter, may I add that to bad the seatbelt didn't take her out as well. She appeared to be hanging upside down in the car. I'm not crazy about Michael, but I just wanted him to have one of his rage fits on Sonny. He at least had good intentions at the police station!
So funny, I could barely finishing reading it. This should definately make your 2009 Year in Review post!
I'm just glad it's not Carly. They could have given Johnny and Olivia a few months, good grief. This is why I want VM to stay far, far away from this show. Sonny is just nasty!
The last time I finished watching GH with a smile on my face, was the episode with the birth of Emma. By the way, I miss seeing the little cutie! Robin, Patrick and Coleman made the first day of karaoke fun and entertaining to watch. I loved the song choice and it fit scrubs so well. One of the things, I love about Robin & Patrick is they absolutely cannot keep their hands off each other. Since we can't get this kind of hotness in a bedroom scene, we'll take the onstage version. The actor playing Dante doesn't look right for the part, but I like his "whatever" attitude. I wish they tone down Spinelli cartoonish ways a little bit. He has been very annoying leading up to his singing.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2009 on General Hospital Week in Review at Serial Drama
I should not have to turn my volume down everytime Claudia is on my screen. I always feel like she is hollering at me. Tone it down and find another name for Olivia besides "cow". I cannot stand this character and she needs to go. Sonny and Claudia is just "nasty" and I'm glad that desk romp was cut short. I have never been a Carly fan, but I just want her to go off on Michael or give him a good kick in the behind. Even before the rage outburst, he was being disrespectful and apparently lost the concept of manners while in a coma. I know the writers probably have forgotten, but didn't Robin say something about putting this kid on medication. The actor is good, but the writers are once again making viewers dislike the character. Somebody needs to get Nik some help. Dude is becoming creepy. Jason has been around long enough to tell Sonny what to do now. Why he still take orders from this man is just so dumb. Jason's chat with Johnny today, made me realize how pathetic this character has become. I was so in agreement about somebody taking him out! Yay, please do ...
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2009 on True Romance at Serial Drama
The dumbest part was the DNA results by text message which I might add was sent off by mail last week! The viewers are still being challenged. I so wanted someone to give Claudia a washcloth to wipe her face from the OTT tears. I guess all the tears suppose to make viewers feel sorry for her. It ain't happening ... Nickolas wasn't this dumb with Nadine!
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2009 on Brotherhood of the Woefully Dim at Serial Drama
Tracy is his best challenge ... Luke treats Tracy for what she is to him, a bank vault. He makes Tracy look like a desparate women willing to settle for anything. Tony Geary obviously does not care anymore and it's time to leave GH and the glory days of L&L behind. Oh wait, he already has. If this is what Laura would have to come back too, then I hope Genie Francis never set foot on the GH set again.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2009 on The People vs. Tony Geary at Serial Drama