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Davemart I can’t believe what you are saying, but maybe, car should filter the particulate they release.
California being the very center of electric cars movement it is a good news that it possess resources of lithium in significant amount.
They don’t say how hydrogen was stored , liquid or compressed ?
Yes it is a very good synergystic idea with benefits more than the sum of their part. A good solution for California where there is so many reservoir and sun and wind.
Dirty fossil energy needs to stay in the ground, we have better Fish to fry
Sure and they will burn the rain forest to the grand to grow sugar cane . Not a good approach, asides cellulosic ethanol has been a failure until now, I doubt their process is viable .
Projects on aircraft industry or typically over 15 years so they really have to think ahead. Ammonia has a energy density half of. Jet fuel so it can’t be used for long reach flight , maybe very short reach . Liquid hydrogen is 3 time more energy dense than jet fuel so there is a massive saving on the full aircraft weight so as a result the volume you need is not as much ac you think. The thing is that you can’t store in the wings as it is too much volume and it would be too difficult to thermally isolate it. Like they say in the article you would need a new aircraft architecture like flying wing. I think hydrogen ultimately will prevail but the technology gap is big .
Thats truly an outstanding and counter intuitive discovery . It shows they we still have much to learn on battery, the margin for progression is still enormous.
Is that 100 cycles in C/2 mode good enough ? Is CVD déposition compatible with large volumes ?
Lot of great progress ,mighgg tu be the game change et for solid state battery
SJC , my impression is that the big 3 are following the trend very very softly which might end up as a pigeon hole at some point. None of them are pro-active in the electric revolution
So with Tesla cyber truck we are sure to have to electric pickup on the market next year. The big 3 should worry .
Producing H2 from solar and wind at large scale is no brainer for Saoudia, that’s the only way for them to transition from oil that for once won’t last for ever and might have to stay in the ground for limiting global warming.
SC_1 sulfur should be added to jet fuel once the aircraft reach 30 000 feet as SO2 spewed in the stratosphere is a powerful reflector of sunlight and therefore fight warming. Sulfur in the stratosphere is not directly harmful and can stay a year or two there , very little is needed to have a measurable effect, much than what we release at ground level burning coal
I would be curious to know the final cost of the fuel . Co2 extraction , solar concentration, fisher trop conversion are all expensive technologies
Seriously ? They can run tankers on batteries, how long it will take to recharge ? Wouldn’t methanol be a better option ?
Nice ! Composite material can mix properties hard to get with a single material . But my understanding is that the problem with solid electrolyte is the interface with the electrode. Maybe they need a third material to solve that remaining issue ?
The problem is that so far you couldn’t make electrolysis from sea water as the chloride ions would eat the electrodes in a few hours . Some have started to look in the Issue by using repellent for chloride , not sure if it is good enough
On they site they claims to achieve 500 cycles within 2 years , that is still limited even if they energy density is twice as much.
With 21 mpg for a passenger car you can’t claim to have a reduced environmental impact.
mahonj . Once this pandemic is over, we are back in business like before. It is not the 1st pandemic in the history of humanity and not the last . We have just forgotten what it was as the last one was 100 years ago. but the collective memory can be very short .
mahonj, you really think that people are going to stop flying past the covid19 crisis ? I have my doubts ...
Good move, I just wih he would have increased the diesel and gasoline tax by more at least 50 cents or more just to show to this clown Buffon of Trump that California stands firm to it's comiment to more efficient car en technologies, even if the mileage waiver is rolled back, only very efficient car can be sold in California. Asides road and infrastructure urgently need fund and actions in California, yes we need more cycling lane but some road are like mine fields. Ev charging stations need to be multiplied as well.