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Seriously ? They can run tankers on batteries, how long it will take to recharge ? Wouldn’t methanol be a better option ?
Nice ! Composite material can mix properties hard to get with a single material . But my understanding is that the problem with solid electrolyte is the interface with the electrode. Maybe they need a third material to solve that remaining issue ?
The problem is that so far you couldn’t make electrolysis from sea water as the chloride ions would eat the electrodes in a few hours . Some have started to look in the Issue by using repellent for chloride , not sure if it is good enough
On they site they claims to achieve 500 cycles within 2 years , that is still limited even if they energy density is twice as much.
With 21 mpg for a passenger car you can’t claim to have a reduced environmental impact.
mahonj . Once this pandemic is over, we are back in business like before. It is not the 1st pandemic in the history of humanity and not the last . We have just forgotten what it was as the last one was 100 years ago. but the collective memory can be very short .
mahonj, you really think that people are going to stop flying past the covid19 crisis ? I have my doubts ...
Good move, I just wih he would have increased the diesel and gasoline tax by more at least 50 cents or more just to show to this clown Buffon of Trump that California stands firm to it's comiment to more efficient car en technologies, even if the mileage waiver is rolled back, only very efficient car can be sold in California. Asides road and infrastructure urgently need fund and actions in California, yes we need more cycling lane but some road are like mine fields. Ev charging stations need to be multiplied as well.
Nice to see something coming from european research in the field of advanced batteries. The technology looks complicated to me tough, so not sure if it is suited for volume production. future will tell...
How old are you Herman ? The brain stay plastic its all life as long as you keep learning new things. It is only a slower process as you age, but you also have more patience to compensate when you are older. Try to play video game a bit everyday and you'll be surprised by the results. Asides the studie of Toyota is not surprising, any activity that requires focus attention coordination and real time reaction will develop you gray matter. You can learn juggling , ( as I started to do at 57) and the result will be even better because juggling with 3 balls is a hell more difficult than driving. Way more difficult .....
Il looks like coming straight from some cartoon with this caricature like long hood, and ridiculous tail. Electric vehicle don't need these long noses as if they were powered by a v12, the batteries are under the floor and the electric motors are as bulky as a watermelon, so this concept will stay a concept...
These frenchies are really smart, they truly get ready for the after oil, oil companies who fail to diversify now will be trapped in a down spiraling game of buying back their stock to maintain their values , futile resistance. gor, the time of denial is over , why don't your serve yoursel some crude oil at your breakfeast since you like it so much , here we all hate it...
Gor, Are you mentally sane ? What good hasn't increased in price since 1973 ? Why gasoline should be an exception ? America has the cheapest gas of any industrialized country, so where is the rip off ? Plus the tax on gas hasn't been increased in ages and now the fund to finance the maintainable of roads is insufficient to keep infrastructures in decent shape. When you compare the energy content of gas with its price it is dirt cheap, so stop your complaint. Or maybe you should change your old piece of junk car so crapy that only the American car industry knows how I make for a Toyota Prius last release, you will cut your gas bill in two instantly and maybe it would put a smile on your grumpy face ?
gor, are you mentally sane ? Harvey, you have revised your prediction ? it is no longer 2020 the dead line for 500miles highway capable ev ?
Harvey I don't think so, when you account the weight of a F-cell + the weight of the storage of H2, I don't think the weight/energy ratio speaks in favor of H2 compared to batteries once they reach 400WH/Kg. but still it will be only a solution for small aircraft operating small local flights, which might be a significant market by the way. But I din't think we will do intercontinental flights with this approach any time soon
Harvey, your vision that ''happy motoring' is the quintessential of human happiness is comic to say the least....even cars powered electrically or by H2 it won't solve the problem of congestion in big cities, and people be obese by spending too much time in their cars and other undesirable side effects of this counter productive car centric culture. If you dream of a perfectly clean oil free mean of transportation, take your bike, you will do a great thing for your health and for the quality of life in cities. Industrial automated plans cranking fuel cells by the millions is nothing romantic you know
Looks like Nice technically speaking, but could such an alloy be recycled? If not then they should develop it, we need recyclable material, composites are not great in that regard
90wh/kg might not sounds very exciting compared to 250wh/kg if best Li-ion but for a first introduction of a new chemistry it is quite a milestone, Na-ion will always be behind Li-ion but still the market opportunities are immense for a battery that is cheap and would offer 150wh/kg
I will not Fly with American Airlines and Delta ANYMORE
We can wish good luck to Mattias Muller in tackling such a giiagantic mess, they will be sued and face investigations for years to come, they will bleed money like crazy, they will have to lay off people and then have to face anger and protestation from their unions. Honestly I don't think they can survive it without selling Porsche to get fresh cash. Because the other problem is this happen when the sales are slowing fast particularly in China. And the margin they make on the Volkswagen are close to zero.
Sounds like they are looking for some scape goat, not good, like Herik said it can' t something done unnoticed implementing such a sophisticated system on mass produced car, no way. On top of it it was also implemented in Audi A3 so it circulated well between the different sub diaries of the company. The CEO knew and approved it
CheeseEater, Sûre we are not all from the car industry, but that doesn't mean we dont kon industry and its rules. In my industry for example we have mandatory trainings for code of conduct and code of ethic, and I am sure they have the same in ten car industry, so how is such choice, as Volkswagen did compatible compatible with good ethic ? The truth is that they understood along the development that they wouldn't pass the régulations with the Kindle of performances they were targeting. So they opted for an illegal trick, across the board, because it affects VW but also Audi, all the board new and signed for it that is pretty clear. And they hav to be punish severely for making that choice the ceo should face criminal charges all the managers who were involved in that decision. You can't let big corporation unpunished when they break the law, because they would be no limits then. I sincerely hope the CEO will go to jail for this
This is big, deliberately giving intelligence to the control system so as to take the result of anti pollution test is really a gangster idea.. The reputation of Wolskwagen will be badly tarnished by this, I can't believe that the managers of a big company like WV could ho for such nasty tricks, because you can't ignore that sooner or later it will backfire. Pathetic, after ford and hunday faking the mileage, WV is designing their cars to cheat the antipollution test, unbelievable ...
Gor, you said for hélicopter ? Forget it, energy density of DME is only half of gasoline, definitively not suited for flying machine where energy density is the key. DME like methane en methanol is the cleanest fuel as it doesn't contain carbon to carbon link, therefore avoiding sooth formation. But it contains a lot of oxygen therefore it's energy contains is low.