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John Jainschigg
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This is a pretty amazing vid. The thing that really gets me is how well the fully-cranked-to-eleven SL graphics (not to mention the avatars' shapes, animations and costume) recapitulate the aesthetics and pacing of high-end anime. Given the Japanese names of the producers, I assume that was deliberate and conscious. Makes you wonder when the anime community is going to descend on SL-class VWs en masse and start using them as production environments. As the poster says, any problems here aren't about fundamental graphics, but about avatarics and editing, which is something a reasonably well-funded machinimatography team can throw iterations and camera-viewpoints and custom-written gesture software at until it's perfect. So what seems, in places, a little 'off' actually represents no real barrier to efficient commercial production of high-quality content. Certainly it describes no intrinsic failing of the platform by comparison with the agony and vast expense of conventional, frame-by-frame animation.