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The Senate resolution that found McCain to be eligible to be President could actually disqualify Obama. The saga continues.
Of course Charles Johnson at LGF is blaming Terry Jones. Idiot.
Remember that just a little while ago, Leftist and Anarchist intellectuals were hoping for Egyptian style riots here in America. We are heading down the same path.
Time to find the Obama Administration in contempt of the middle class. These decisions stop good paying blue collar jobs from being created. Once again the Democrats and their bureaucracies prefer the environment to jobs.
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And how will President Obama and the Democrats use this to further their agenda? I have little confidence in the Republican Party to stand against anything Obama might try in terms of more control over our lives, especially if Giffords ends up dying.
Maybe Obama practices some hybrid version of the two religions. "Chrislam" anyone?
You know, I always thought it was the Rat virus he suffered from. Or from the Princess Bride, RUSS: Rodents Of Unusual Size.
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Jim Wallis and others of his ilk try and claim they are open minded and tolerant, when in fact they are not. I use to leave comments at his blog until I was banned and no longer able to. You can see here, I think, that might comments try to engage their ideas and not just attack them.
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In case you have not see this youtube video, it documents how happy the Nazis were who ran Auschwitz.
Obama may not be a Bolshevik like he asserted, but he may be a Menshevik Marxist.
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Obama's radicalism has disastrous implication for Israel, Jews in America, and Christians in America. Maybe you'll find Primo Levi's take on the Kapo helpful in your writing?
Obamao! Obamao!
This why the 2010 election could be a watershed election for America. I expect even more shenanigans from the Democrats this time around since they see the American people are rejecting their agenda. Obama tried to poke fun at the Republicans for thinking ObamaCare is some Bolshevik plot, but Obama uses words very carefully. So my question is this: If Obama is not a Bolshevik Marxist, could he be a Menshevik Marxist?
Johnson totally misrepresents the way he controls his comments. He likes to label anyone who disagrees with him as a troll in order to delete their account. Here is my exchange with him, and subsequent banishment.
Johnson totally misrepresents the way he controls his comments. He likes to label anyone who disagrees with him as a troll in order to delete their account. Here is my exchange with him, and subsequent banishment.
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What about the family Rifqa was staying with, can they adopt her? Can a family adopt her so does not get deported to her death?
I was looking for a good video of this. I linked to your post here. Take a look at what Muslim women are wearing at Disneyland, I think America is not too far from the fate of the UK if people keep appeasing Islam.
I am growing increasingly convinced that the end result of Rifqa Bary case will give us insight into how bad it has truly gotten here in America. The Liberal appeasement of Islam may sacrifice this girl's life to the false idols of our age: tolerance, political correctness, relativism, multiculturalism, which are all central to Liberalism. It seems a biblical principle that once idolatry grips a society and sin is propagated by the State, the most perverse religions and sinful actions are tolerated, while those who remain faithful to God are punished. Rifqa's case and what happens will tell us how far down this path we are. Jews and Christians are on the Liberal hit list make no mistake about it, and Liberals will appease Islam at every turn.
My wife nailed with "How about a safe place from Muslims?" after I told her about this. Remember, we have seen that even Disneyland is not safe from these cultural imperialists.
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2009 on Where is it not safe for them? at Atlas Shrugs
Living here in the Liberal Mecca of California you see women "freely" wearing this oppressive attire. I have taken pictures of it while at Disneyland, truly frightening.
I guess it is more politically correct to offend everyone else but Muslims these days. As a Christian, I wonder when Holder will secretly come to a Church and say similar things to Christians? I am not holding my breath. This is America, we should be free to openly debate and preach our truth claims, even if they stand in antithesis to one another. We should have to worry about the thought police coming around to oppress us.
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And if you are following the news about Obama's new Eugenics, er I mean, Science Czar there is a lot to be concerned about. It seems Liberal and Islamic radicals not only share an affinity for Totalitarianism but also eugenics. They are both anti-Semitic as you well know and are now incorporating eugenics as part of their ethics.
Having a "peace" conference in Russia is a rather chilling revelation to me. The history of anti-Semitism there is frightening. I think Obama wants to isolate Israel by building alliances with those who hate Jews so he can force them to capitulate by threatening their destruction if they do not cooperate.