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Salina, KS
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Reading this, I am recalling something that Dr. Pedro Noguera said during his keynote at BLC08. I'll paraphrase, "When looking at high achieving schools, we've learned that we really don't learn much by examining them." His message is about school culture, and how that makes the difference. When we traditionally examine highly effective schools, we're not looking in the right places for our data. But I agree that it is culture that makes the difference. And if you ask me, school culture comes down to the classroom. Not the finite space of the four (or more) walls, but that sense of place that exists when you are part of something grander than yourself. So I'll agree with you, but knowing full well we haven't discovered good ways to capture and replicate culture. Here's Dr. Pedro Noguera's Keynote:
Toggle Commented May 5, 2009 on Replicating Classrooms at Remote Access
I am pretty sure this post required a lot more work, i.e. the hyperlinks, than it actually looks like it should have. Am definitely enjoying the podcast!
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