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It is still better to have a support team, like for hot air balloon trips.
The Huntington Beach Desalination Project by Poseidon will provide water to the area and is condemned for sucking up fish and making the ocean too salty. Only as a "by the way" do they mention that the cost is much more than water from various other sources.
Since it is our fault they invested in Russia we should pay for their losses and let them keep the profits - it's only money. Our money.
But Cadillac is one step ahead of Ford. It is substituting steel for aluminum! It;"... uses steel close-out panels ... without the added weight of extensive sound-deadening material, often used to compensate for aluminum panels in the occupant compartment." And as the steel rusts away, the body-in-white weighs less and less.
CE88 makes some very good points. An 8 speed is repairable while most electronic things like radios, televisions etc. are disposed of when they fail. When a ICE or EV car has electrical problems you usually must take it to a professional or, if it is older, live with the degradation - but you can fix the brakes, suspension, belts, radiator and low fluids yourself. Electric/hybrid (as well as ICE) vehicles are getting MORE complex (while those that think this is due to a conspiracy are staying simple). At 3.5% of the market EVs save little gas; they are indeed "a market that is a thousand times smaller." And the decision of where the money is best invested should be made by those that have earned it., Easy to dismiss the fact that you need others to help in the purchase of an EV if you are the recipient. You're apparently relying on the sales brochures. EV sales were sagging - even before gas prices dropped. Even BMW's head of sales and marketing, speaking at the DLD-15 conference in Munich said: "The advent of zero-emission cars is coming". Not here, not now, not today, not tomorrow, "coming". And knock of the “Bub” stuff.
The price of gas IS the issue. Especially if you're NOT shelling out $845,000 for a car; which virtually no one is. The influences of the automobile on the rates of Asthma, COPD, cancer and etc are easily overemphasized, along with the benefits of the EV fleet in their reduction. But we DO all pay for the ineffective fleet of EVs that us geeks find interesting and the kindergarten teachers think are fiscally sound and the technically unsophisticated think will become affordable simply by making them mandatory.
I think these cars do bust chops. Since the Porsche 918 costs $900,000 and gas is below $2/g, I don't think of the 918 as a real car, while (at a rumored $200,000) the Ford GT is real (well, for for a few anyway). And Ford is already near the lead in the fading, EV arena with 86,547 hybrid/EV yearly sales.
But can it make the car speed up when I consider changing lanes ahead of it?
Full hybrids have been done for over a decade. Unlike start/stop and mild hybrids they have absorbed a huge amount of government support for nominal oil savings. Since their inception in 1999, hybrid vehicles (including ALL EVs) have saved less than one week’s worth of auto fuel usage and market penetration peaked at only 3.3 percent in 2013. This is due in large part to the cost and weight of batteries. Batteries that are not yet ready for prime time. I guess the government is just too enchanted with what new technology WILL eventual bring and are too wedded to the idea that if we just help people buy lots of EVs they will become affordable. Similar to the childish idea that if you pick up a calf each day, as it grows, you will be able to pick up a full grown steer in 15 years This battery is good, not exciting or spectacular, but still likely to allow mild hybrids to make a bigger difference in relation to cost than the full hybrids; at least for the present. We do need baby steps in the US because the fearful ignorance of our leaders.
Generally things are worth what people are willing to pay.
Before anyone points out that this is obvious to virtually everyone over the age of 5 (except maybe in academia), we must wish Smil full reentry into the sentient world, from wherever he’s been. Also – a few facts to speed his reentry: Airplane mode will not make your phone fly. Food is a cure for hunger. Sandwiches are not made with sand. People who have the most birthdays tend to be the oldest and live the longest. If your parents didn't have kids chances are you won't either.
So – it sounds like more cases of the people being “ FORCED” into wasteful purchases by big business. Only in these cases they are politicians and spend other peoples money, so I guess when told these systems are exciting but still a terrible waste of money, the politicians would reply; "and your point IS?
Maybe Mark Fields is not the one that is so out of touch. Auto makers have gambled on the ICE every year for the last 15 years and won 15 times out of 15. The government has poured taxpayer money into EVs for the last 15 years and EV market share is struggling to stay above 3%, with most of the recent increase in volume from Ford. Maybe an adequate battery IS just around the corner - still or again, and finally. But stay in touch with gas; it is at $2/G - NOW. And even cheaper gas is likely, just around the corner. Lettuce spray that an adequate battery IS just around the corner; so batteries can save oil - and do for cars what they did for RC model airplanes.
Since the $90M hydrogen bus fleet did not work out in British Columbia, lets ease into it one person at a time.
You say; "if we depended only on our own oil we would be out in less than 5 years." The article says; "US crude oil proved reserves increased for the fifth year in a row in 2013 ..."
You guys should just listen to yourselves. Do you understand what you write? The article claims the oil glut might fail some bonds and some oil companies (mostly small). Gee, no kidding? So Pww says; "up pops some Oil-industry shill to threaten us not to." Not to what? E-P says; "... the current situation will be very, very short-lived." You're sure? I don't recall you predicting the current situation. And I don't know if it's even safe to break into BK4's ramble.
Lets hope they rapidly transition this to "greedy" enterprises to build and install a bunch of these, rather than just study how they could be made or overspend on a bunch based on corrupt political considerations. Technology advances when both good engineering and good science develop a product that is desirable and profitable with no, or minimal, taxpayer money. And this is where American jobs, prosperity and social benefits originated.
Free electrical power is very exciting until the power level and TEG cost is considered. 1kW is only about 1.3 hp. Also, is the 1kW only generated at max engine power? Even if it can generate 1.3hp at mid engine power and for a considerable time after the enmgine is turned off, I don't think I can afford to buy one. Oh, wait; "$1.5 million vehicle efficiency program sponsored by the US Army "; I am buying them.
True. If it was a US government responsibility, it would take an act of congress to get them to admit anything. Except that would not work either.
Well BK4; 1. I think those are voices that you hear. 2. BASF’s huge investments and activities in the battery industry are the judgment of people investing their own money. 3. Because it is their money, it’s of no concern of mine. They decide if this is a safe bet that battery sales will grow. It’s free enterprise; their money, their decision. 4. It is still too soon to know if the federal government’s huge investments of my money in battery manufacturing were rational, but they rarely are. 5. After 15 years of government investment in hybrid vehicle sales, hybrid car sales remain below 4% and are dropping. 6. So I presume BASF is expanding while the acquisitions are cheap.
Fair enough Jer. I thought that was what you meant at first, but then read too much into it.
Even those with no integrity do not usually enjoy the misfortune of those who have worked hard and honestly and brought prosperity to their country.
Does Tesla have a lead equivalent to Toyota's? Will they; when and IF the planned GigaFactory is actually completed? Toyota has the lion's share of the HEV/BEV market, and that market is still below 4%. Tesla is a small fish in a small pond.
So, Jer; You want to crush the hardworking oil industry - but only if and when you are not inconvenienced. You do realize, I hope, that fracking and the oil industry triggered the oil glut and forced Iran to negotiate. And BK4, Yes, NA producers may have at best 20 years of production but the price has been driven down NOW – you are off by 20 years. And at the rate it is going, and using your same calculations, batteries will cost $150/kWh by 2045.