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This is the most assine thing I've heard this year. The ammonia is made using renewable electricity, and is then used with coal to make electricity. They should find find better uses for electricity and ammonia.
This sounds like the insane "Project Pluto"
Of no use to anyone but the Military
Sounds like BS. Doesn't say how the hydrogen is carried, compressed or liquified. Doesn't say whether it's PEM cells or SCFC. Since it's hydrogen, that implies PEM cells , which is more BS.
I remember this being proposed in the 80s by I think 3M. It didn't go anywhere.
that's only 93.87 hp, something is not right
It's only 120 miles from Newark to Atlantic City NJ, they could use a dozen just for that.
methane, methanol, DME, is the way to go
there are combustion engines with 40% efficiency, combined with biofuels, you have a solution that can implemented today
Why is LPG not a thing in the US while it's everywhere in Europe?
The only rational explanation for this, is someone is getting bribed.
Doesn't say if it uses Platinum. That's still problem
Effing stupid. Ammonia is a fuel, you can power an ICE with it
LOL, Korea has only 5% of its energy from renewables. Where is all that non fossil electricity going to come from to make hydrogen
bullshit slacked on itself. the point of wave energy is it's stable availability. combining this with electrolysis is nothing but bullshit
The point of this is not energy efficiency, the point is fossil energy efficiency.
Why Hydrogen Engines Are A Bad Idea