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It amazes me that nonsense like this gets funded
people will buy this for bitcoin mining
It's lithium overkill for stationary application?
Disappointing that VW is using belt drive
in about 15 year, there won't be a need for ice-classed ships
there are 3.68 million Class 8 trucks in America, you do the math
@Lad the answer to your question is Legislation.
why bother, Europe is full of LPG stations
It could have charger at every point it delivers
"350/400 miles for a 5 minutes refill is close to ideal" does that include the time to find a h2 filling station?
lignite power baseline plants do not do Load Following, so it matters not
"Pending a more comprehensive network of hydrogen filling stations" more hydrogen fool-cell nonsense
BIG difference is that it not fossil carbon, it's cycling the carbon that is already in the biosphere
"Diesels in the U.S are neither polluting nor dirty." but a 3 liter diesel Jeep is an f*ing joke
and what is the "well to wheel" efficiency?
where is the tailpipe? no red-blooded American would ride Harley without a tailpipe.
I wonder how they determined there is a demand for supersonic business jets