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Would not it be cheaper to transport electricity from Scotland to Germany
@Lad Because it would require several orders of magnitude more money to electrify tracks
Direct air capture is a huge waste of electricity
Is the remaining 25,775 tons carbon?
What is the feedstock?
Why didn't methanol get any traction in the US?
Give it up. The ICE train had left the station
Tixhonjm@ LOL, that site is "Astro turf" run by a bunch of financial guys
How much energy does take to make a kg of liquid hydrogen? And how much does this add to the price?
Does high-temperature PEM mean without platinum?
LOL! The lamest Greenwashing.
No mention of Levelized Cost of Energy
This is like the chemistry version of money laundering
BS from Toyota because they're last in BEV
Direct air capture of CO2 is a ridiculous waste of electricity
We're gone from Greenwashing to Bluewashing, that's progress
Wouldn't LPG be a lot better. There's already a LPG infrastructure in India
@Lad Because Toyota is lagging in BEV development. There's a certain irony in this. I remember when Toyota introduced the Prius, GM was pissing all over it. They claimed their Hydrogen Cars was "just around the corner" and would blow away hybrids.