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where is the tailpipe? no red-blooded American would ride Harley without a tailpipe.
I wonder how they determined there is a demand for supersonic business jets
"We find that generating today's US electricity demand (0.5 TWe) with wind power would warm Continental US surface temperatures by 0.24°C" LOL, when will US generate all it's electricity with wind power
appropriate name
how is this suppose to be an improvement?
@Engineer-Poet There was no legislation repairing manufacturers to do so.
Is this the same Henkel that made the bomber?
@ SJS, you're being a killjoy, let them have their fun
I wonder how many customers they get each day
Much better than H2. Methanol and/or DME even better.
Honda did this two decades ago, no consumer interest.
Why isn't autogas popular in the US? It's common in Europe.
I was wondering where they'll get the hydrogen, then I realized someone will Fedex it to them
If they can get 20-40 kW in a reasonable size and price, that'd be a game changer
Is there a market demand for this? I'd like to see NASA award $247.5M for a plane that has leg room.
No need for this in the US anymore, Trump has solved the problem
here's 36kw ranger extender that runs on anything
Brings new emphasis to "Rolling Coal"
Is there something about Opposed-Piston Ignition that facilitates low octane combustion?