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Disappointing that VW is using belt drive
in about 15 year, there won't be a need for ice-classed ships
there are 3.68 million Class 8 trucks in America, you do the math
@Lad the answer to your question is Legislation.
why bother, Europe is full of LPG stations
It could have charger at every point it delivers
"350/400 miles for a 5 minutes refill is close to ideal" does that include the time to find a h2 filling station?
lignite power baseline plants do not do Load Following, so it matters not
"Pending a more comprehensive network of hydrogen filling stations" more hydrogen fool-cell nonsense
BIG difference is that it not fossil carbon, it's cycling the carbon that is already in the biosphere
"Diesels in the U.S are neither polluting nor dirty." but a 3 liter diesel Jeep is an f*ing joke
and what is the "well to wheel" efficiency?
where is the tailpipe? no red-blooded American would ride Harley without a tailpipe.
I wonder how they determined there is a demand for supersonic business jets
"We find that generating today's US electricity demand (0.5 TWe) with wind power would warm Continental US surface temperatures by 0.24°C" LOL, when will US generate all it's electricity with wind power
appropriate name