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LPG is mostly propane , is less refined than what is sold as Propane. in Europe LPG is sold at gas/petrol stations as Autogas, propane is sold in canister as Propane.
Echoing what others have said, methanol or DME is better fuel for transport
Why not LPG? Those are ubiquitous in Europe
pork barrel legislation for corn farmers
"4,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide" If I did the computation right, 2000 of these should cover Audi's annual car co2 emission
"Ciez pointed to the 1990s as an example of what can happen when fuel targets are effectively frozen. " Clinton traded away CAFE increase for the dubious promise Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles, which delivered nothing.
Honda is going to teach General Motors how to compete in North America
The common factor in all of these is burning fossil fuel
"Mr Fusion" could be cost-competitive by 2030
You are correct sd, this is just greenwashing
$1.94 million! LOL that's an insult, the cost of Trump's golfing is $133 million
Only 2.8 Liters! Good-Old-Boys would be embarrassed to be seen in one.
47-horsepower electric motor, 1.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. They're not even trying, greenwashing.
Will Ford Motor Company still exist in 2050?
Bloom Energy already does this without the need for hydrogen.
Makes more sense then using hydrogen as a "fuel" fossil carbon which still becomes GHG emissions whether you use it or NOT.
"if AVs drive like people", who's fault would that be.
Does a day go by without one of these "discoveries"?