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bullshit slacked on itself. the point of wave energy is it's stable availability. combining this with electrolysis is nothing but bullshit
The point of this is not energy efficiency, the point is fossil energy efficiency.
Why Hydrogen Engines Are A Bad Idea
Makes a lot more sense than hydrogen.
BOTTOM LINE: it's GreenWashing
ideally suited for commercial combined heat and power
@ SJC_1 only if there is a just and benevolent God
It's 25kw, 33hp, you could just as well use a propane power truck APU.
A standard 48 foot intermodal container weighs 4900 kg empty. Let's be generous and say this is half, 2450 kg. Hauling 2450 kg to deliver 958 kg of "fuel" is a joke.
doesn't say explicitly, I assume this is a series hybrid
Good to see SOFCs moving into sea ships
Is there carbon-free electricity in Louisiana?
"with a 15-minute refill time" does that include the time to find a hydrogen station?
A perfect car for food delivery.
It will have to be very loud to succeed.
LPG is mostly propane , is less refined than what is sold as Propane. in Europe LPG is sold at gas/petrol stations as Autogas, propane is sold in canister as Propane.