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Dr. James Willingham
Interests: Great Awakenings, Baptist History, Church History, Agape-love, I Corinthians 13 (2 yrs of research in the Greek of that pericope. 6 yrs of research in Baptist History and Church History. weightlifting, chess, counseling theories and practices, church government, theology, the intellectualism of the Bible.
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Sirs: Regeneration and conversion are so identified by John Gill, White of the Philadelphia Assn in a circular letter on the Holy Spirit, J.P. Boyce, et. al.. No one has a perfect understanding of the doctrine so why not agree to live and let live as we do on eschatology? The problem with proving anything lies in our analytic methodology, the so-called scientific method. It simply is not big enough to allow for apparently contradictory ideas. I discovered that little fact nearly 40 years ago in American Intellectual History while trying to write a thesis in the field on "The Baptists & Ministerial Qualifications." A science educator in 2006 was flabbergasted that I knew of the problem. GENTLEMEN, IT IS YOUR METHODOLOGY OF INTERPRETATION. Have fun.
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