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Interests: im looking for a cheap efficient high technology car
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These privateers should pay themself the investment and collect themself the profit. It was the main idea of georges washinton and me. But this website and also green car reports are at the extreeme left.
It show that what i said to do is more and more put in practiced. i.e buy a small gas car and keep it for a long time and drive it slow
This will lead to premature wear on car batteries and added cost for the grid. Also some green aficionados will want to discharge these batteries when the windmills see no wind and solar panels when there is no sun. It's easy to see but engineer-poet and harvyd probably endorce these new costs to taxpayers and consumers.
HarvyD stop these fake predictions. Nobody know when and if these battery will be better and cheaper than actual lithium-ion batteries. It can be ready in a few months or never. Till then buy a small Hyundai accent 6 speeds that return 47 mpg combine.
I said last month to sell hydrogen at 1.30$ a lilo and fuel bi-fuel ice cars. All that is done right now is just secure more and more money to the energy cartel, especially the green mob.
Now, invent an efficient method to produce and put in stock gazeous hydrogen made at home and in existing gas stations. Then put this gazeous hydrogen in cheap yank in normal combustion ice engine. forget these costly fuelcell-electric motors configuration. Im ready to upgrade my Hyundai accent with cheap hydrogen tanks add-on, that's it. All the kit for 3 000$, no more.
It's been years that i say that diesel pollute and all corrupted leaftists in autobloggreen, green car congress and green car reports didn't beleive me and naysay each and everuthing i say. Look now, no comments from them here
If we were in a free market instead of this climate fraud, we will be driving with serial hybrid cars and we will not heard anything about these limp battery researchs.
Look at this. The climate scammer organisation impeded the release of efficient gas serial hybrid versa note e-power and now the corrupted nissan company is releasing again a pure battery car. Consumer and shareholder are losing big money.
' The pollution industries ' are you out of your mind ??? It's the ENERGY industries that bring foods into the stores everywhere.
This is just an horrendous policy. Just permit fracking everywhere into the world and we will have billions of oil barrels more. Stop messing with my tax money and stop listening the green crowd, for energy sake.
Search for the climate change big swindle in YouTube and they say clearly that 97% of co2 emissions are coming from natural sources like tree leaves, oceans, volcano, animals, forest fires, etc. Stop immediately to steal my taxes money and pay yourself your researchs and electric cars while im enjoying big rebates by driving my 2014 hyundai accent that do 47 mpg.
Stop spending valuable money on stupid research like this and commercialize immediately a small gasoline serial hybrid car with exhaust heat and pressure re-circulation that do over 100 mpg with ample power to climb steep hills without downshifting and big cost and weight saving because there ain't a transmission. Till then, everybody, WE DON'T BUY ANY CARS AND SUVS AND WE WAIT FOR A CAR THAT DO OVER 100 MPG.
Remove these costly polluting pure battery evs from the burden of worldwide taxpayers.
This machinery when installed in texas or mexico can produce synthetic fuels at 50 cents a gallon because it don't need a lot of human workers when properly set up. Maybe in the night it can be powered by an adaptation of a thorium generator. Im interrested to buy their fuels at a better price than actual petroleum fuels. Remove any taxes on these synthetic fuels as it don't emit carbon dioxide in the air.
What people don't say is that you only get 85% efficiency with these battery losing energy when charging and discharging. Also teslas lose energy when parked doing nothing because the big central computer consume electricity because it is always working and when batteries worn, they lose charge because of idiosyncrasies in the worn electrodes.
That's a good news. Im interrested that someone else buy as i already have a newer car.
This is not good. As doon as sales start to recess a little bit, losses will explode further more. The ev market is not taking off at all. Demand is lower than offer and prices will shrink.
Look folks, the autobloggreen blogging section is completely full of bugs. Somebody probably started to smoke crack. On the other hands the green car reports blogging is completely too much moderated and we cannot say what we think and they banned me, LOL.
There is no low cost hydrogen on the market. Probably someone is buying all the patents in secret and are impeding anyone else to enter the market. It's been years and years that we read here all the breakthrus but nothing hit the market. The peak oil theory is still raging on everywhere in YouTube. All petroleum articles in marketwatch are asking for a higher price for crude oil. I SAID TO PRODUCE LOW COST HYDROGEN in the taxas desert and do synthetic gasoline with it.
If ever hydrogen become cheap at the pump than contrary to what HarvyD propose it will be cheaper and efficient to sell gasoline mixed with hydrogen in bi-fuel ice cars. Ice cars begin at 13 000$ new and foolcell cars begin at 75 000$. also there won't be hydrogen pump everywhere so better be able to fuel independantly with gas and or or hydrogen. Stop the limp leaftist scientific coaxing us to buy costly junk cars and fuels, hydrogen can be produced at the retail station for less than 1 dollar a kilo. No lobbyinsts will never admit that, LOL.
Im ready to buy a new small car that cost almost nothing in fuel cost. I knew that engineer-poet and harvyd solutions were not good,
They will have been better with a gas serial hybrid, no down time at all.
Do somebody here can tell me when there will be a good cheap ev for sale at 15 000$ with 500 miles range. Till then im driving my 2014 accent that do 47 mpg on a combination of 80% highway, 20% city.
This is better than batteries because big tractor-trailer trucks cannot run on battery anyway. To have great efficiency in the commercialisation i recommend to stop ALL SUBSIDIES toward batteries and use this semi-synthetic diesel. The ones opposing fossil fuels are communists peoples wanting to cause catastrophies like staline did and Hitler did. It's full of them in this website, don't listen to them.