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Mark McClean
Granger Indiana
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Let's hear it for our awesome Pastor. Take care of yourself! You're strong leadership is appreciated.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2015 on Late Thoughts from Mother's Day at Mark Beeson
Thank you for your faithfulness. Your words and pictures helped me stay the course for the full 40 days.
Pastor, I wanted to encourage those who are in the same boat as me this morning not to give up because the messed up day 1. I set an alarm on my one computer and still totally forgot. So this morning I alarmed all my electronics (a desktop, laptop, Kindle and cellphone). And like Kramer of Seinfeld fame, I set a repeating mental alarm from 4 - 5. Your sermon convicted me yesterday and I am grateful. Who knows how many marbles are left in my jar.
I don't know Jim but I admire him greatly. A couple of winters ago Jim was leaving a New Community service by himself. As I past by Jim in the hallway I noticed the obvious struggle Jim was having walking. Jim uses a walker to hold himself up as he navigates each step forward. His body hunched over at almost a 90 degree angle, Jim takes minutes to cover the same ground it takes me just seconds. As I made my way outside the full blast of winter hit me in the face and my thoughts went back to Jim. I'm not much of a "God told me this" or "God told me that" kind of guy, but something inside me said go across the sidewalk and watch this man of God walk to his truck. I wanted to put this living movie of "love for God" in my head for future reference. Here's a man who can barely walk, and I mean barely, risking his life to get to and from a New Community Service. I'm telling you I was moved greatly by this picture of such obvious love for God and watched with great intensity as he took each step with great care. As I watched I felt gripped by God to watch over this saint and make sure he made it to his truck OK. Jim finally made it through the ice and snow to his truck and I asked him if he needed some help getting in. "Nope", I'm fine but thanks, Jim said. I said a few more words and left. Pastor you give some amazing messages that impact me greatly but those 15 minutes I spent watching Jim struggle to get to his car will live with me forever. Jim is a living example of pointing your feet in the right direction and giving everything you've got until you've got nothing left to give. What a giant!
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2009 on Jim Miller / NO FEAR at Mark Beeson