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" It doesn't require faith or sermons to convince us. Just show us one that works, and we'll all go buy it. " Dave, how is it you speak for everyone here?? Do you subscribe to that alien concept that "We are all one?"
Wow... lot's of infighting amongst the green. Sorry to read this. But it is a triumph for Tesla AND the concept of near-zero cost energy. A very nice and easy to understand way to the next step in energy:
Lucas writes the most cogent statement. One the sages, old schoolers, skeptics and wind/solarists are loathe to hear. But the group of 18 scientists and technicians that documented the E-CatHT2 have a fairly bullet proof paper that has deflected all rational critique (ie not Motl.) Now either NASA, DARPA, Italian ENEA, U Missouri, SPAWAR, NRL, Stanford Research Inst, Svedberg Lab, University Upsalla, Royal Inst. Technology Sweden, University Bologna, MIT, Purdue, LANL, etc - are IN ON A CONSPIRACY with Rossi... or we have an entirely new form of energy. And Swedish energy consortium Elforsk AB is commercializing it.
Bad idea. Unrealistic management. Poor execution. Fitting end. Stop trying to avoid the REEL solution; it is already in full commercial development by Swedish Energy Consortium Elforsk AB:
Lad, you may find this article VERY interesting regarding energy density in storage systems. The Better Battery may turn out to be more Back to the Future than anyone ever thought:
The pricing is very reasonable. Unhappily this may turn out to be the ugliest car ever sold by Chevrolet. Hideous.
As usual ai_vin is gnashing teeth and snarling in a vain attempt to make the inevitable go away. The nickel in these LENRs serves as the geometric lattice for atomic H-driven quantum reactions. The last test used only 0.3 gram nickel and catalyst yielding conservatively a power density of about 5.3 · 10^5, and a density of thermal energy of about 6.1·10^7 Wh/kg. Unfortunately for the denialists, commercial E-Cat research is being conducted by the huge Swedish energy institution Elforsk AB. They have released a statement: "The results are very remarkable. What lies behind the extraordinary heat production can not be explained today." And will be financing ongoing efforts to fully commercialize E-Cat HT designs into Distributed Energy Eesources. Say goodbye (eventually :)) to fossil, fission, wind, even solar. So nice knowin' ya.
While location in sun belt will determine actually usefulness, a FitEV "well qualified" buyer could theoretically purchase both vehicle and solar packages. The FitEV package 3-year $389/month lease with total due at lease signing $389 plus tax and title[2] - AND a 3kW solar package at $100/month (typical.) This is a reasonable idea for entry level EV buyers who want to recharge off grid (at least at home.) Although in low insolation locations a storage system will be needed to make this truly useful (driving costs up significantly.) But it is helpful for the large sunbelt population in the USA.
Appears to be a VOLT chaser. With both power plants active the regen function only engages when brake is applied? - how is this effective downhill? Without this braking toque it is a different feel from EVs I've driven. Don't see specs on the battery, though is appears to be somewhat less than the 16kW Volt. Good luck Audi. You have a lot of catching up to do.
VERY impressive progress. Thanks Henrik for the sales numbers. Looks like between Tesla and Chevy VOLT, the US entries in EV PHEVs is doing very well. What I do expect is to see the Model S sales drive consumer awareness up. This will bring more people to the lower end entries Leaf and plugin Prius. And despite jackass John Broder convincing the world the New York Times is just another agenda21 rag tap dancing to the petro-dollar - the word of mouth on Tesla is spectacular. All in all an impressive display of ingenuity from EV makers - with Tesla now clearly heading the pack. Congratulations.
UW - a program to prolong petroleum pollution, global warming, economic inequity, inhibition of alternatives, reverse sustainability. Shameful.
What will happen when the human population finally learns there is energy ALL AROUND US. And accessing it is actually rather simple?? 1) Abundance will abound 2) Third world countries will develop higher standards of living. 3) As living standards rise, birthrates decrease. 4) Carbon consumption will plummet. AGW will end. Climate will not change more than normal. Air pollution will plummet. 5) Massive desalination will help deserts bloom, creating an abundance of produce, grains. 6) Money saved by ending failed energy projects (all in works today) can be redirected to wellness & health education. Only those behind Agenda 21 oppose disclosure of abundant, clean, green energy. REAL enviros, philanthropists, humanists and spiritualists support New Fire.
Battery swapping?? Seriously?? This was WAY too ambitious to begin. Another Agenda 21 fail.
Oh dear, Agenda 21 censors removed my post cause I mentioned Low Energy Nuke reactions. These guys are terrified of a REAL solution that makes them look like dweebs. OK, well, this is why no one believes these Energy 2030 cowdung claims and this country has fallen behind the innovation curve. But maybe hot fusion will save us. ITER is only 300% over budget and not due to try to make energy til 2035 or 2050 after they bamboozle another $$23billion from the taxpayers.
Big Oil's days are numbered (not a small number) and with growing acceptance of EVs these RFS disputes will matter less. Today, Gov. Jerry Brown and Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Model X with Falcon Wing doors. Looks like another home run for Tesla:
All very nice projects which will eventually help supplement the transition to the new fire nuclear reactions discussed in Swedish Television recently:
Thanks Anne. A 100 x 80' roof is pretty big. Not sure how you "time shift" without storage. And in northern Cali with more cloud cover - does the charge time increase if there is not storage? Anyway, a cool idea and if I had a Model S I would plan a trip that follows the network (uber-geeky.) There are better solutions for EV charging on the way.
This will go far to help popularize the idea of long distance EV travel. A half hour charge cycle is perfect for roadside lunch, coffee breaks. In fact due to the geek-element, many Model S owners will look forward to the charge activity, confirming their brilliance in going EV. The weakest link is the solar part. At 12% efficiency for an average 33% insolation/day, the panels will not be able to service many charges. Clearly, supplemental grid power will be needed. But it sounds good to the public and will be quickly replaced by newer far less costly solutions:
A rather fair update:
How about a couple bots smart enough to enter Fukushima and cool down / safely contain the fuel rods?? Of course they have to be able to handle electronics-destroying radiation - something no one seems to have thought of.
Irony?? A 30-mile long and 12-mile wide (48.2 / 19.31 kilometers) mass of Arctic sea ice (despite melt) has put a halt to the Shell $4.5B drilling venture. It is a kind of poetic justice isn't it?
Interesting to see the result of the psych studies on consumer decision process. In the meantime it is even more interesting to see how long it will take institutions like Stanford to get on board the one technology train that is already changing everything: From The Energy Collective, "The world's best thinkers on energy & climate."
Oddly, days after Dr. Fleischmann died, an Italian scientist with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Frascati National Laboratories demonstrated a working version of "cold fusion" to a convention of 5,000 scientists and engineers at National Instruments in Austin Texas. The US News and World Report has written the story: