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"..charge capacity of ~588 mAh g−1electrode (~393 mAh cm−3electrode) at the 1,020th cycle and shows no evidence of mechanical failure." - sounds several-fold like than present commercial electrodes - right?
H2/fuel cell/catalysts merit(s)ed university research, but Bush-type H2 oil/auto 'initiatives' were obvious defraud-the-taxpayer stunts. Today's materials breakthroughs and super computer simulations into nano scale are now enabling/visualizing so much technology, especially in the energy and genetic technology fields. It's as if the 1800s automobile engineers were initially blind and then the twentieth century provided enough science to see.
"In his 2003 State of the Union address, Bush proposed spending $1.2 billion to develop hydrogen-powered automobiles." "The Bush administration spent more than $500 million on research into producing and distributing hydrogen so it could be used in cars powered by fuel cells." Now multiply the 8 Bush II 'H2 Initiative' years by 5, note that the $billions wasted didn't: change what NASA knew about fuel cell expense from 1970's space research didn't save GM from going belly up and STILL stealing $billions in tax credits(GM 2015 US tax = $0) again results in ~no mass market sales(sharing) - this time Europe thankfully
A 'pig in a poke.' was during the white nigger 'addicted to oil' Bush administration. How are the Bush brothers doing after years to reflect and cry?
Quick & dirty: ".. for a cloudburst it’s 113 (1,220(drops/sq. meter) TIMES "and 84.7 pW for 4.52 mm.(~biggest drops) sounds like microwatts
"The eAxle can improve 0-100 km/h acceleration times by several seconds, provide a useable pure electric range and reduce a vehicle’s CO2 emission rating to less than 50 g/km, the company said." So, this 46 lb + ~<100 lb motor has the above?
'Argonne LCA study finds many alternative fuels consume more water than petroleum and natural gas fuels' .. whereas pumping billions of gallons of water into oilfracting earth is less consuming This study has been Republican congress initiated, funded, dictated, and approved.
So, any EV that's solar charged gets: 1 - the car surcharge dropped 2 - an equal refund for electric/CO2 generation not reguired.. 3 - a many-fold refund for healthcare costs NOT inflected byelectric/CO2 generation .. RIGHT?
like petroleum jelly, the spread continues.. "Check out a list of products that contain microbeads and will potentially be banned with the passing of the new law. ": 5 screens Apologies! We're having a technical issue with our commenting system. Please try again later.
'$10-Trillion Investment Needed To Avoid Massive Oil Price Spike Says OPEC' The headline sounds like petroleum jelly[AKA Vaseline] note: further text is only a test for censorship virus spread: Graduate of the Trump University? Apologies! We're having a technical issue with our commenting system. Please try again later. [for 'Insider' weeks]
Ten years of team coding went into detecting emission tests occurring via multiple sensors and a spectrum of conditions numerous VW engines so dozens of times legal emissions level wouldn't be monitored - yet - "CO2 “irregularities” issue largely concluded; no unlawful changes"..
OK, 8,000 ~no fade recharges on sodium/salt - COMMERCIALIZE the (#$% battery NOW - not after ten further years of grants.
Herman, my point - esp. mechanic/shop labor & offered trade-in wholesale - was clear and this reality has little to do with what you believe.
It's nice to quote replacement 'crate' ICE prices, but the installation labor, scores of mechanical/electrical/hydraulic/air/exhaust/.. parts multiply the replacement price. I actually owned a 2000 Hyundai Elantra, 30,000 miles, with a two inch hole in the oil pan. -NO one would attempt welding/brazing the pan in engine fumes -Body bracing blocked replacing the pan in-place .. soo, my option was to pull/fix pan/reinstall the engine - with a quote of several times the cat 'Blue Book' worth. Thank God for J&B welding epoxy(solid for over 50,000 mile until traded[perhaps still]) ..think replacing EV battery/bolt-in motor..
A "flow straightener" and new "flow meter" clears up 40 times over pollution limits? BS(bullinblatin shitenmoden)
5-5-5 is the stated JCESR goal since budget approved day ONE. With 3 of the 5 years gone, "..the Center is refining its approach.. " and ".. JCESR has been pursuing three energy storage concepts for beyond Li-ion batteries.. " -- -- just don't sound like 60% of a 5X higher energy density etc battery, as in the JCESR battery is 300% better than our 1-1-1 battery of three years ago.
The EVs, even under 100 mile range US, are making sales, data, and infrastructure. Not many walking around didn't crawl first.
So what.. like BP, $billions in damage will settled some day for dimes in fines from a set of governments that 'accidentally' missed the true emissions readings for decades.
If this is $/manufacturing viable, it's got the 300 cycle cell phone covered and plus 10 seconds of super-capacitor boost should run EVs as well from a ~suitcase size package.
Anyone w/ a couple square meters of open, south-facing area can: - buy a 250 watt solar panel for under $250 - buy a 250 watt grid-tie inverter for under $100 (ex: ) - buy a Kill-A-Watt meter and wire/solar cord for under $50 angle the panel at ~45 degrees with 2 by 4s, connect the +/- panel terminals to the grid inverter, plug the grid inverter into the Kill-A-Watt meter and the meter into a 120 VAC wall plug. One will save over a 1,000 watt hour(1 kwh) per clear day, accumulated on the Kill-A-Watt meter reading. The electric bill will be smaller and as the years pass one notices how reliable 'no moving parts' solar power really is. The fun part is when electricity home use is low, one can watch the analog utility meter TURN BACKWARDS.
America averages TWICE the solar radiance of Germany, yet Germany profits from solar. Many of the expensive early 2000's German solar(and wind) installations have paid for themselves - meaning nearly free energy for future generations. Not only will STEM-weak(or lazy or misled) Americans try to compete with those cheaper energy costs, but also a technical society of world-class scientists, engineers, and technicians with a generation of renewable energy experience in their very homes. Fortunately, America has a dozen years of the Bush Hydrogen Initiative with its deep fuel cell vehicle infrastructure.
Depending on cost, pulling over one horsepower of 'FREE' electricity from every two foot square/three inch thick module sounds very promising.
Since you can't/haven't found ANY REFERENCES supporting your statements.. "..The plaintiffs maintained that ZEV rules amounted to a regulation of fuel economy .. On October 9, 2002, the Bush Administration, in an unusual move, joined the lawsuit, filing an amicus (friend of the court) brief, claiming that the state, by regulating emissions, was trying to set a gasoline mileage standard, which" only the federal government can do." -- -- again, foreign auto makers, like Toyota, usually meet the US/Obama oil saving/pollution reduction EPA standards before past/future US bankrupts. If your capable, at least try watching [hint: its a movie about who killed EVs]
The CAFE car fleet average was at 20 MPG FOR DECADES and surges with Obama by over 25%. Bush CRUSHED the 1000's of EV1 era EVs, CARB laws and progress. No doubt, your driving one of his, now 13th year, Hydrogen Initiative fuel cell cars - but no one else is. "ZSW: more than 400,000 plug-in cars on road worldwide at beginning of 2014; 2x 2013" "6 DOE-funded applied battery research projects targeting Li-ion cells with >200 Wh/kg for PHEVs and EVs" .. Facts, and technically-driven articles and discussions, are on this site and the Obama energy funding and advances are VASTLY beyond the "addicted to oil wars" Texan and Obama energy policy deserves a great deal of the credit.