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Short Range maybe; but, major large load, long distance, air travel favors the use of H2 devices and fast refueling.
Nissan, and every other OEM for that matter, needs to solve their traction battery problems so they can get by the obsolete thinking of hybrids, especially inefficient serial hybrids like this one. I just bought my second BEV after driving a 2011 for ten years; not fooling with the expenses and wasted time of pumping gasoline, changing oil and tuneups has been great. My advice is to buy a BEV as soon as you can afford one and skip anything that requires fossil fuel, including hybrids.
Growing the clean hydrogen market is a good thing. A large green H2 market will be needed in the future to power electric airliners and seaships. A little H2 will also be needed to power a few novelty devices like hydrogen cars and trucks.
The good here I hope will be realized when graphene is used on the other chemistries; the current density using Al isn't earth shaking like the power density.
The article says; " This product is ideal for use in a range of off-road equipment..." This is also true for using battery electric drive instead of diesels.; but, with the added advantages that EVs provide.
@sd: Just a concept so far...the news here is Toyota is finally getting involve in the development aspects of EVs; there is a lot of work left on platforms; for example; Tesla recently announced their battery 'box' will be used as a structural member of the chassis. I can see the whole bottom chassis of the vehicle as a casting in the future building designs. Think how much faster the build process would go if the whole bottom structure was fabricated in one operation!
If you create a ongoing hydrogen fuel demand, the question becomes can you keep up using waste products as feedstock or will you need to use fossil fuels as feedstock for the reform process? The best solution would be to use hydrolysis to back up the hydrogen demand or else you are falling into the trap the oil companies are plotting, i.e., using fossil fuel feedstock for the reforming process and promoting the gasoline station model using hydrogen.
Moving to sustainable clean energy excludes burning fossil fuels in the atmosphere...any alternative that includes continuing to do so is a stalling tactic...burning natural gas in ICEs is just such a tactic. Why not put the resources into developing electric trucks instead?
Natural gas reformed into hydrogen is a step backwards because reforming gas is a giant pollution process, much like a refinery; but, what do you expect from a gas company? The sin here is trying to greenwash the idea by offering 'clean hydrogen' to the public which is a disguised lie!
While you're at it, see if you can convert the crushers on the waste truck over from hydraulics to a less noisy direct electric motor.
Currently EVs from all the U.S. manufacturers are priced higher than ICEVs. I look for battery breakthroughs to reduce the EV prices to parity with the gassers; Then, the conversion to clean energy will become a steam roller impossible to stop.
Please tell me again why I should vote for another Republican fossil fuel President.
Any answer to replacing the current dirty blowtorch jet engines is a giant step forward. I see the early answer to electric flight is battery electric for short range, followed by HFCs with jet engines burning H2 kicking the craft to altitude for long range, heavyweight flights..
Still haven't understood how he got elected by the American populous, who claim to be intelligent!
Burning LPG pollutes and is a half step toward clean energy; why not take a whole step with a BEV and reduce pollution even more?
H2 in ICEs is an excellent idea for aircraft jet engines and sea ships, not so much for replacing gassers. HD motorcycles are also an excellent platform for electric motors, especially without the obnoxious noise. If you want noise, wear earphones and pipe it into your own brain, not others.
10 years ago, I converted a Sears lawn tractor to electric and it still works fine; the only downside has been the lead acid batteries. Good to see California finally taking interest in reducing this segment of pollution.
If it burns H2, I would believe the hype; however, calling carbon fuel burned in an IC engine of any form 'renewable fuel' is greenwashing at it's worse.
Voltage for lead/acid cells are 2 volts. LFP batteries runs about 3.2 volts, IiPo is about 4.2 volts. 4.7 volt cell could have an advantage of using less cells for a give voltage requirement; for example: a 12 volt lead battery uses 24cells for a 48 volt battery while a LFP uses 15, a LiPo uses 12 and this chemistry could use 11.
If we had high speed rail or hyperloops, much of this short air traffic wouldn't be needed and that would reduce airline pollution. Come on folks! We gotta start using our intelligence to reduce fossil fuel usage.
Carbon feedstock is carbon feedstock no matter if it's from sewage, spoiled food or crude. the common denominator is fossil fuel burned in ICEs creating pollution, period. Reducing pollution is the reason we want to quit producing carbon fuels, from all sources.
Proving once again that the Republican fossil fuel political blockade in Congress and their misinformation projects have a major effect on how slowly the U.S. transition to clean energy is proceeding.
I would like to see them use hydrogen where it makes sense. Perhaps this trial will prove the points that many believe; that hydrogen is too costly and gas is too dirty.
bman: Good Point; Vertical Integration for BEV makers is almost a must when we reference their key component...batteries. Again, what we need to get rid of dirty ICEs is affordable BEVs for the middle class, not more overpriced EV sports vehicles.
What we need is a good $20k family sedan EV and not more $50k Audis.