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HD: Right you are; if our Government was worth its salt, they would be pushing clean energy for the benefit of the people and the creation of new jobs; instead they are busy depositing fossil fuel payoff money to their bank accounts.
Need to include emissions controls, scrubbers, and low sulfur fuel asap on the diesel engines as a start before switching over to all electric or hydrogen hybrid propulsion .
A jet engine is a wide open 'dirty' polluting device with no emission controls other than filtered fuel; presently jet engines can't burn H2 directly; so, this is the best place to start; develop a H2 jet engine and run it on any hydrogen that's available, even if it's from the reforming process while hydrogen from electrolysis, electric hybrids and perhaps all electric aircraft are under development...recent studies conclude jet engines are highly dangerous to the health of passenger at the airports and we know they produce smog and GHG a bunch at the upper regions of the up jet engines is a project long overdue.
Disappointing that VW is predicting "...combustion engines will therefore continue to dominate for a long time to come." When on the other hand they are producing PR for EVs that lead you to believe EVs are imminent.
Instead of funding college researchers studying what we already know, this money would be better spend to help offset the cost of actually buying the EVs and getting ICEVs off the road.
What is 'clean' about burning carbon fuel of any kind in the atmosphere? The only clean carbon fuel is 'no' fuel...yes, there is fuel that pollutes less; but it all pollutes to a greater or lesser degree.
Ideally, aircraft would be powered by electric ducted fans or some other clean energy devices, i.e., hydrogen fuel, etc. Or, short and medium distance mass transit might be accomplished using HyperLoop or fast electric rail. None of this is possible as, minimizing ground run up and cutting back power is about all we have presently. Scientist have known for years that jet engines are pollution machines; but, the jet engine interests have been successful in kept that quiet.
The news here it's silicon carbide which means it's an improvement in efficiency and size over the current tech...Technology continues to improve and use less space for the same power...still waiting for the battery breakthroughs.
The downside is their estimate that 43% of car sales will continue to be ICEVs...I believe by 2040 almost all cars sold will be EVs because the technology is more compelling than Bloomberg realizes. Drive an EV and you won't want to ever drive an ICEV.
We need batteries made from not only Li; but also, Al and Na; and Si, S, C, in graphene form, etc.; batteries are the key to the clean energy transition and batteries from the more common minerals are the key to affordable batteries.
The OEM would like to slow down the march to EVs and so far they have been pretty successful...moving out dates to the far future is one way of doing this.
I would like to believe the conclusion of this study; but, the Trump Administration's bias toward fossil fuel gives me pause to accept it.
Combine this motor control efficiency increase with the recent innovative motor from Tesla, which claims a 10% increase in range, and the component still yet to be developed remains the's the time for that honest battery breakthru everyone anticipates.
Hopefully electric motors will reduce the need to modify exhaust gasses by replacing the engines.
If you convert all that 4200 TWhs/yrs to Barrels of Oil and then figure about 80% is lost in the atmosphere as heat and exhaust gas, you can see why we are changing the Earth for the worse and need to change.
Lots of wiggle wording here. A lot of this stuff is designed to hold your attention while they continue to pollute...just another form of greenwashing.
Buses, trucks and sightseeing boats are leading the way even while Trump and the Republicans work in opposition to the desire of the American people to have clean energy.
It's sad to watch the Japanese makers falling so far behind; The Korean, Chinese and European makers are racing ahead while the Jananeses and U.S. makers hold back choosing to sell hybrids and obsolete ICEVs.
Don't know why they are holding back the move to a high range IONIC. Of all the EVs produced by other than Tesla, this looks like a winner.
Increasing the production of battery storage in all segments, not just power storage, is the key to accelerating the transition to clean energy...some predict a trillion dollar market in all the segments. I see signs less fossil fuels will be needed in the future, perhaps this is the year of peak fossil fuel, hope so as we will have then turned the corner.
At best this is an interim solution. It would appear Land Rover must discount the Simplicity and Lower costs advantages EVs have over all other cars; possibly because they are slow in adopting new technology. Some believe the worse EV is better than the best ICEV because of just these two advantages alone.
The fact they set goals and target dates is a move in the right direction and sets a spark that will get people thinking clean energy and less pollution, instead of 'status quo.'..and, there's a lot of time left. Who knows what progress will be made in science and clean energy innovation before the target dates?
Everything but diesel, this is good!
Patents can stifle innovation and in the process make non-productive middlemen, lawyers, wealthy. This disagreement is just one of many examples and as you see, it is holding back our progress to clean energy. One more reason I like Tesla's vertical integration model that includes building all you can inhouse, including batteries...and, even car seats!