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The news here is a gas company is using renewable energy to produce hydrogen instead of reforming gas.
Clean water is believed to be the next critical segment for sustaining life on Earth after cleaning up the air we breathe. Renewable energy powered desalination plants would work in most all parts of the Planet.
Ideally, The motor(s) would drive the wheels directly without reduction gearing or a differential; gearing friction causes electric motors to be very lossy.
"However,... Americans don't believe in climate change. Fake news!" said POTUS, who believes Coal is the way to go!
The Amazon Business Model is dependent on solving the major of delivering goods timely and economically,...look for Amazon and others with major online stores, i.e., Walmart, Target, etc., to invest heavily in their own transportation systems...Drones, Electric Vans, Cargo aircraft and perhaps packages with wings gliding down from the Heavens.
Coal Industry giveaway of taxpayers money by The Fossil Fuel President??
If I were a purist, I would say "Anytime you opt to burn carbon in the atmosphere, no matter the kind, that polluting.
Hybrid aircraft using hydrogen fuel turbines for takeoff and climb out, then switch over to fuel cell powered electric fans for cruising and let down.
Well, don't move too fast, you might hurt yourself. By 2025, your cars better be zero emissions(EVs) or else there won't be an Audi.
It's deeply frustrating to watch our politicians, especially at the national level, being paid to lie by the fossil fuels industries, and knowing they are exchanging our children's lives in the future for immediate profits. Our only hope is to vote them out ASAP.
So, the wars for oil continue, what's new? What's new is; in an Electric World, 'ENERGY IS LOCAL' and not dependent on relationships between countries...hopefully, this will lead to less wars.
Looks like SD Mines smells grant money in battery research.
The news here is you don't have to burn bunker oil in diesel engines; there are good intermediate steps to reduce emissions while waiting for clean energy solutions to progress to the feasibility stages.
Anything to get rid of the diesels; diesel bus exhaust is really nasty to breathe.
Lots of these lab reports out every day...kinda lets us know: 'they're working on it'; but, not much else.
E-P: Amen! And this is just the beginning of innovation for EV electronic components and assembles. Additionally, there are promises that Graphene will raise the bar even higher.
Many states are working to protect people's health while at the same time the Republicans are busy undermining these efforts by wiping out the regulations under which these efforts operate...just one example:
That's a 7,250 PSI fuel pump. The pressure of the explosion inside a diesel engine runs about 300 to 1,500 PSI, from low load to full power. Interesting contrast; interesting rather complicated engineering; wonder how much cost this adds?
Perhaps one day you will ride an electric bus into the city and get off at the scooter hub where you get a ES(electric scooter) and ride from there to the office, etc.
If you have ever been at curbside when a dirty, smoking diesel bus roars by, you will know to appreciate the cleaner buses. Would like to see them all go BEV.
Finally, VW moves; and, the specs on the car show hey have done their homework on what people want in a reason to buy a hybrid now that the ID.3 is available.
OEMs are starting to announce their BEVs. So, if you can, wait for a BEV and don't buy an obsolete ICE-powered Hybrid.
Looks like Porsche is buying electric 'IP.'
Hydrocarbon fuel from any source is still hydrocarbon and still polluting when burned in air. The idea of clean energy means sans hydrocarbons.