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This is the plan the ICE/Fossil fuel interest would like and hope that saying it enough will make it so; China, Europe and others are pushing beyond the intermium use of hybrids directly to true electrics.
Time to face the problem: the highway system is a giant liability and has not kept up with technology simply because it is too costly...the taxpayer cannot support an ever expanding system any longer. The answer is to maintain what you have and limit driving during certain times of the day to multiple occupancy vehicles. New transportation development should be in the mass transportation sector and no longer to support single drivers in huge SUVs. Start with constructing HyperLoops.
The worse problem is the pollution these ships produce while underway with a diesel engine the size of a house burning fuel as thick as TAR for fuel.
What we don't need is to continue to use fuel that is burned in the air unless it produces only H2O and no smog or GHG. That would be hydrogen. Jet propulsion is an obsolete technology as is the pollution industries that produce the fuel used in jet engines. We must work hard to stop polluting the Earth with internal combustion engines, including jet engines.
What are the U.S. makers doing? Still banking on Republican fossil fuel policies to save them? They are depending on PUs and SUVs to stay in business and seem to have conceded the sedan market to the others. I think they are in 'big trouble' and it's only a matter of time before they ask for Government money.
Agree, the lighter you can make an aircraft component/assembly the better the performance. We also have the promise of graphene pending to develop lighter more efficient inverters and auxiliary electronics for aircraft. Perhaps a small hydrogen hybrid and/or a battery electric airliner is in view.
Been reading about molten salts being used as a heat storage device and solar panels used to respond to the reflected light energy; interesting that they can also store electrons. Make it work; it will be welcomed.
Using hydrogen to power container ships and to stop the burning of bunker fuel is a win for clean air and the seas.
George W. Bush said oil interests in the U.S. didn't need subsidies...he didn't do anything about it; but, just brought it to attention. Congress remained mute...not a peep about dropping oil subsidies...and I suspect they never will as it could raise fuel prices beyond what U.S. drivers can pay to drive. Now It looks as if OPEC is trying to gain even more control over international oil pricing, especially with Russia now supporting them. The out come of this is a guess; but, seems to be heading for lower fuel pricing. And, that will negatively affect decision's to buy EVs...further slowing down the transition to clean energy. It will be a pleasure in the future when energy is all electric and prices are local; and OPEC won't matter.
Calgarygary: It's been said the best form of Government is a 'Good King' because a good king can order positive actions for the benefit of his people and it is immediately accomplished. China's Oligarchy Government is following the Good King idea and is actually working to improve their economy and environment and thus the welfare of the people. On the other hand, the U.S. Central Government is caught up in the idea of working for the benefit of the rich elite few. It will take removing the current elitist Republican party from power to change that and to restore the idea of working for the benefit of all the people once more. The news here is that an oil company, SK, is investing big time in clean energy devices, batteries.
With low-cost batteries and an electric powertrain, you wouldn't need hydrogen, much less hydrogen fueled ICEs. I still like the idea of hydrogen fuel cells powering aircraft in cruise mode and hydrogen fueled turbines for aircraft climb out mode. Use hydrogen in unique applications where you need clean power, .i.e., container ships, etc. It's not needed where EVs will do the job.
Ford is moving into hybrids in Europe while the rest of the car industry is moving from hybrids into EVs...I worry a lot about Ford making the transition.
Wind and solar need storage to effectively replace fossil fuel generation. Although nuclear is expensive and gas is dirty, they have to be continued until RE can reliably keep the lights on. Some U.S. power providers, i.e., PG&E, are working toward using huge batteries to buffer the erratic output of RE farms. The downside of all this is PG&E has some of the nation's highest peak rates.
It's interesting the U.S. can't sell the car at home; but, the Chinese seem to love American sedans.
All part of their PR campaign; they did the same thing in 2011=2012.
Part of the plan to slow down the transition to BEVs and keep building and selling more complicated ICEs 'repair bay queens.'
Replace the ICE engine genset with a fuel cell on the serial hybrid configuration and you will increase the efficiency and range.
Nice car and mechanics; but, obsoleted by the new BEVs.
I'm guessing that Toyota, like Honda, have committed to FCVs and are waiting as long as possible before selling BEVs. Could be an advantage if they can sell lower cost BEVs to undercut the market..$36,000 for a Nissan, especially without the incentive credit, is pretty steep compared to a ICEV in the same segment.
Looks like Honda and Toyota have deals going with this company to power vehicles with brown hydrogen(hydrogen created with fossil fuels) doubt a part of Big Oil's move to continue it's control of U.S. energy.
GM and Tesla have used up their indirect subsidies, the $7500 tax incentive, and so must compete on actual costs, no longer on cost plus a $7500 added on premium to the retail price. this indirect subsidy amounts to a minimum of 1.5 billion dollars for each maker and was designed to help smooth the transition to EVs. VW and the European makers still have the subsidy and now have an advantage in pricing...we'll see how this all works out.
They would sell these things as fast as you can fry fritters. Hurry up, VW . we are tired of waiting.
HyperLoops and scooters will be the future of mass transit. Crime is the byproduct of a sick society not a method of transportation.