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To all ASM's that were laid off. Three weeks severance? I worked in the field as a manager and received six weeks of severance for 2 years 8 months of service. You should be outraged if you got less. You deserve much more!
Has it occurred to anyone that Howard may be Manic Depressive? He has made too many bad choices and discarded talented people like they are a used Kleenex. It’s the middle of the night and I just woke with a mental picture in my mind of the Titanic with a Starbucks logon on the side. I empathize with those remaining partners that have to watch the daily demise. My heart hurts for you. Why would anyone throw good money down the drain on Vivannos or a thirty million dollar Leadership Council in New Orleans? Add to that the elimination of contracted store cleaning, breakfast value meals, and now instant coffee. Three years of my life is down the drain along with the fruit flies. The taste in my mouth is now as bitter as the boldest coffee. Do they make that in instant?