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Talking about the experts....what do you think of the following article about red meat? I mean if the causal relation between red meat and cancer and even diabetes 2 is true then...yeah what then?
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2009 on Agitating The Experts at Free the Animal
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Indeed, it’s NOT only about knowledge, otherwise this reader wouldn’t be in that unhealthy state..."enough is enough" was for me the trigger to seek for a solution (weighing 106 kilograms, 187 cm, man), but I had to struggle thru all these opinions of all those so called authorities; but I never gave up. I tried from vegan to fasting and pills and methods etc etc, all I got was ups and downs, until Paleo, IF and EF (EF: Arthur De Vany, finally somebody who’s not going with the crowd, very intelligent and an original, independent thinker and an example of healthy aging): I saw somebody who’s older than 40 and healthy (samo for Mark Sisson and Richard)who follows indeed some principles and NOT those stupid prescriptions or some new invented insight or product. Being 58 years myself I couldn’t take example of all those 20 year old guys in Men´s Health etc. I do believe in nature and her principles. Nature can´t be wrong, because that’s all we’ve got. I also got motivated because being that fat was not congruent with my self image. My self image was somebody who is lean, aging healthy, congruent with nature (that’s why I love to run barefoot in nature, see for some experiences with that non-linear way of moving), and that also kept me motivated to look for something what really works for my whole and rest of my life! because that's what I found somewhere down the line: NO methods!!! because a method is rigid, unnatural, and something you want to stop after you reach a goal (like a certain weight). Paleo, IF and EF (and for me also mindfulness = among other things, visiting a place of freedom and joy in my consciousness, hard to describe)are to me freedom, one of my highest values. What also keeps me motivated are blogs of Richard, Art, Mark, Jimmy Moore and some other ones, they just share their thoughts, theories and especially their every day experiences. I neatly listed them in my Google reader, so I just have to visit Google reader to see if there's something new and interesting!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2009 on A Reader Question at Free the Animal
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Hi, I just wonder what your commend is on Dr. Mercola standpoint of view in: He even doesn't sell cod liver anymore because of the danger of too much Vitamin A. Please the whole article AND the replies, because he discusses in length why he doesn't agree with The Weston Price Foundation... I just don't know where I would get my Vitamin D from as I live in Holland, when Cod Liver Oil is dangerous........
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