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Hi Robert and friends, I came to this lifetime to strip away all delusion. Sounds simple enough but it's been nothing but HELL, so far. Everything I was taught "here" to believe in is a lie. White picket fence, family, the definition of "truth", the words "I love you" and all of the human conditions that is confined with, clothing (fashion), Gov't, the list goes thru everything I experience. I am also in the process of learning that this place is made of sand. NOTHING lasts except Spiritual awakening and the karma I create out of ignorance be it good or bad. Meditation is my only truth and the invisible force of the Divine that Guides (DRIVES) me Home. Home is NOT here, although if my work was done I'd at least exist here on earth with Home brimming over in Bliss within. I'm not there yet. I'm still trapped by past karmas and for me it is HELL. I could write so much more deeply on each thing I mentioned but I'd have a book. Helping others in some form, in my belief, is the only way to go if it is untainted with the need for name and fame, or power and control. Helping others help themselves is Truth. I have also learned, since I have stopped running forward in life and became more of an "observer" just how terrible this place is. Animal cruelty Sweatshops for our glamourus delusions The raping of the land OVERpopulation yes here too in the modern world this list goes on and on. But existing within all of the terror (and goodness) is simply the play of karma. Truth is too hard for many people I personally know to hear. So I witness their insane delusions of self righteous self entitlements. And the entire time these people are radically heart broken, some get very sick with disease, and yet still maintain they are "just fine". Woundology(Caroline Myss) is the safe haven for many. I'm not judging EVERYONE, just explaining myself and what I see in the people directly around me. I WANT OFF OF THE FERRIS WHEEL OF MAYA! Round and round it goes 4-EVER.............. Being super brave and transcending delusion, Wendy
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Thank you Robert, You are a beautiful Being!! Wendy
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