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doug YF
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Let love open the door to your heart.
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Stolen from RAB: "A Tex message to the fans in right field!"
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I see Manny made an appearance in Dodger blue robes.
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2008 on Happy Holidays from YFSF at YFSF
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Guys, we should remember that Rocco Baldelli's although diagnosis is now a channelopathy and not a mitochondrial disorder, it's still a "less severe and more treatable" muscle disorder. It doesn't necessarily mean that his revised course of treatment will restore him back to 100%, although we all hope so. It might mean that he will live a longer, healthier life, but nothing more. It's great news that his condition is less severe than previously thought, but I'd guard against getting your hopes up and penciling him into a future starting OF slot "without reservation" - at least until we learn more about how effective his new treatment for channelopathy will be.
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2008 on The Morning After at YFSF
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