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US Patent #8,393,443 Priority dated Nov 9, 2005 (almost a decade ahead of the two patents quoted in this post) describes an in-wheel motor vehicle drive system that replaces friction brakes and operates all mandatory safety features such as ABS, ESC and EBA
@kelly That's 3200 Nm 'at-the-wheels' as opposed to flywheel torque normally quoted for IC engine output! To get 'at-the-wheels' torque figure for a conventional car you must multiply engine torque at the flywheel by the gearing ratios of both the multi-speed gearbox and the final drive ration to get an equivalent.
Lux research are clueless... seriously! The price TODAY is lower than what they're forecasting in 8 years time... These are SPONSORED reports, no question!
Numbers like "3.3l/100" are NOT real world! The validation tests used are on a rolling road, with no aero load. These cars are no more ENERGY EFFICIENT than any other ICE car, they're just making all engines Diesel, making them smaller and playing around the edges with stop-start and alternator regen.... It's all Greenwash basically! Auto makers are now focused on MPG figures so much they are building cars specifically to score high numbers on these Dyno tests, just so they can paint it down the side of the car for PR shots (see above example)
Aside from the fact the Fed government announced this fund was supposedly abolished in December 2010, nothing Holden have or plan to do is either 'green' nor 'innovative'. Aluminium panels and a few plastic undercar covers to smooth aero requires $40M in R&D assistance? That's $200M of tax payer funds being spent on cronyism and pork.
You don't bolt an electric motor onto the front of an automatic transmission.... Aside from the huge power losses due to mechanical transmission energy inefficiencies, how do you regenerate through an Auto? Simple answer, you can't!
For a 4 pole motor to do 21,000 rpm requires 700 Hz. The 42 kHz being referred to is the PWM carrier frequency inside the inverter.
Using 9-12 separate micro-inverters inside each motor just seems like massive duplication of the microprocessor and IGBT driver stage components. The only time I've seen a similar approach was a backyard experimenter who used 7x RC model BLDC inverters in parallel to run a 7kw motor.
Stroke this, port that, What a load of BS. ICE manufactures ONLY ever quote fuel efficiency, NEVER energy efficiency. They are not the same. This thing still has pistons going up and down and camshafts pushing spring loaded valves, it still runs at 25% energy efficiency as every other petrol ICE before it. A triple expansion steam engine is more energy efficient. EVs are the future guys, get with the program!
This is simply being pig headed. For the money Chrysler are burning developing 9 speed gearboxes (that do NOTHING to improve energy efficiency) they could be developing EV powertrains that actually achieve the efficiency they're aiming for here.
"aqueous urea solution" seems to be code for "ammonia" which, of course, is stored on-board in it's own tank. That means these SCR equipped vehicle now need an MPG rating for the Ammonia they consume. The Delphi press release conveniently fails to mention this rating.
Sales were 14 M in EU what year? Before the GFC no doubt.
@HarveyD What is the link between 2 Billion EVs, 400 Nuclear plants and replacing most coal fired plants? The DoE says the US grid can handle 85M EVs right now with current capacity BECAUSE EVs charge over-night when generation capacity is massively under utilized. The story is the same the world over so EVs are not any added burden for quite some time into the future (I dare you to predict what year 85M EVs will be on US roads).
Sure, the going rate for 18650 Li-ion cells is around $300 kWh.. even on ebay, but a new car battery pack does have to include a BMS. With e.g. 100 cells in series and each cell needing a BMS module containg a few ICs, it does add to the overall battery pack costs although I'm sure that doesn't double to cost of the pack,
Why put them in households? 1) To store PV solar energy during the day. 2) Charge up off peak to use during peak. A 25 kwh pack, typical of an EV with 100 mile range will supply an average residence for a day.
Should be titled "theoretical Thermoelectric Generator" How do they expect to gain 5% in fuel efficiency? By replacing the alternator? Surely the same effect can be accomplished with an intelligent alternator that removes load while under accel and increases electrical load when coasting or braking. TEGs are around 2% energy efficient, they're an expensive gimmick at present.
If single seater race chassi can be made to survive 300 kph+ impacts then it HAS to be technically possible to make a crash survivable small road car.
What does it say that this find is in 2,200 meters of water and the current tallest man made structure in the world is a 1,432 m tall Extended Tension Leg Platform also in the Gulf of Mexico?
To all the ignorant Naysayers: Anytime you read a report that states "hottest/coldest on record since nationwide records began" a significant "change" has been recorded. It's not an 'opinion'.... it's data.... a fact! The brainiacs in the media jump up and down to proclaim record colds as proof there is no global warming... HELLO!! RECORD highs correspond to record lows. Any temperature RECORD AT ALL is a significant warning that change is occurring and you ignorant denying idiots need to pull your head out of the illusion that is your day to day existence and GROW UP! You guys are like a Deer standing in the headlights so dumb you can't avoid getting run over.
It's happening already. They're selling them as fast as they can make them.
So a 200 Wh Ultracap module (50 Wh per wheel if running 4 wheel motors) would be enough to reduce the cycling load on the propulsion battery pack as it would avoid regen charge reaching the batteries at all?
"We need to eliminate the actual pollutants at their source of origin" God you people are simple! It is IMPOSSIBLE to turn a switch and stop all carbon pollution. 1) Billions of people rely on carbon generated power 2) There is no immediate replacement source. These facts would seem obvious! As an example of how long it will take to swap out carbon power generation, US wind generated power increased by almost 40% last year, and it STILL provides less than 2% of all power required. It will take decades and TRILLIONS of dollars with massive incentives to change such a huge amount of infrastructure. It's not a F$%king conspiracy!
142,000 AC-150 powered Mail vans with the same EV powertrain as the tzero/ E-Mini and Tesla Roadster? That should redefine the term 'hauling the mail'
Accusations of Cherry picking and falsified temperature data? The brainlessness of the two above comments astounds me. These aren't predictions of the future, they are simple temp measurements and observed FACTS. Having lived through one of these heatwaves I can confirm they are 100% real. New record high temps are being set with increasing frequency. It's the proof that convinced me something IS happening.... and fast! You're either part of the solution or you are part of the problem. A couple of old foggies who can't see ANY possible connection between extreme temp swings at BOTH ends of the scale definitely fall into the later category.