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The same, you now have to pay off a different set of local politicians and union officials.
The EV-1 was an impossibly expensive impractical car.. no one wanted a $100k all aluminum 2 seater when gas was at its historically lowest levels, once you accounted for inflation. The Chamaleon charger that Renault Zoe uses was first before this Brusa charger and all lithium-ion batteries can be charged very quickly to 80% but to fully top off you need disproportionately more time, plus it heats it up. A 3-phase charger just short circuits the argument for expensive Fast DC chargers that are needed by the Leaf.. all you need is a standard 3-phase socket.
I think that is what modern turbo charged small engines are doing already..
The unions demanded a bailout.. elections have consequences. Very impressive for GM.. hopefully they can repatriate their money out of China.
this will make possible nano sized individual computers/sensors, smart dust in popular fiction..
Time for bench seats in the front of cars to come back..
It wont be available anywhere.. its a concept, probably uses a 200w motor to slowly move the wheels :)
I believe Dana makes the cooling plates (very thin) used in the Volt's battery pack.. one plate in contact to each battery module... 48 in total?
GM has eAssist with a small lithium battery, costs about $800 to the customer.. probably less to GM
Those rent seeking farmers would just not plant corn if there was no demand for ethanol.. and the price of corn would collapse again to the point that people would burn it for heat in winter.. food is plenty cheap already, actually too cheap when you see the obesity statistics. Why not do a study on wet ethanol such as is used in Brazil?, this low cost fuel is cheaper to manufacture because it uses a single pass thru the distillation system to produce ethanol fuel with up to 4.9% of water by volume. This reduces energy cost by 20% and thus cheaper to produce.. You cant mix this fuel with gasoline at all.
Very interesting.. imagine what these would do in the front wheels of an F150
Methanol is harder to find, advantage is that your employees wont steal it for fuel or drink..
also the batteries in a plug-in Pious is not $15k, they are only 4kWh and it displaces the normal nimh pack, but Toyota does charge an arm&leg for the PIP.. they are now heavily discounting them down to the level of a regular Prius. I'm going to take all your future comments with a grain of salt.. unfortunately.
Its a brilliant idea.. less wiring and headaches in aircrafts.
I think Kelly fainted from low blood sugar induced by a lack of doom&gloom :)
butanol is expensive, this may be a low cost way to make it.
The Nissan Leaf could use one of these.. I hope they are not too expensive or automotive OEMs wont use them.
Kelly, dont be a moonbat.. $1 a gallon gasoline killed the EV1. If they could make the porous carbon matrix contain and re-attach shattered tin crystals then this battery would improve as it aged and was cycled. It sounds like a low cost manufacturing process, make porous carbon and dunk it in a tin slurry..
they must have a shortage of lawyers, bureocrats and unions in China.. they could use a few to slow down things to a proper slow pace. Do you really want to live next to a nuke that they built in 4 years vs one of our nukes that took decades of careful review, protests and legal wranglings?
Ford wants to lower the weight 500lbs on their pickups
a 3200lbs car with a 3 cyl engine.. amazing!
is the population increasing?.. do Undocumented Democrats want to drive a car?