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Hurry hydrogen cars and stations. This website is better than autobloggreen as there is less hydrogen naysayers here. I always said to do hydrogen by water electrolisis at the point of sale. This is the future and im interrested to buy. If they don't open hydrogen stations here in montreal canada then i might move in germany when my actual car will be worn-out.
Im interrested in buying bio-isooctane for my car a simple inneficient cheap dodge neon 2005 5 speeds.
It's becoming late, im tire and i didn't understand a clue about this article.
@ HarveyD, if you buy it used it is more difficult to equip it with the engine you want as there is many different engine configuration. A lot of time the option are badly explained in used car ads.
I like green algae, but im more interrested to buy it as gasoline instead of lubricant. Do someone know where they sale gasoline made with green algae.
I have a 2005 dodge neon and im asking if someone know when i will be able to put synthetic fuel in it.Currently in putting regular unleaded petrol gasoline and im doing 33 mpg combine and the gas cost 1.40$/liter.
As soon as they open an hydrogen station near where i live, i'll go there to see what it look like. Im a retiree and i need cĥeap passtime.
My next car buy will have probably this catalyzer. Im eager to wait till it hit the market.
This is a car that is difficult to buy on the used market with such a high quantity of different output power engines.
Can't wait to buy synthetic fuel for my gasser. Fuel that capture co2 for a zero net emission of co2 overall. I still have hope that they discover a way to produce cheap hydrogen by water electrolysis chemically or electrically preferably by small appliance tool at the point of sale.
What is the actual price of one kilo of hydrogen at the pump. Im interrested to buy but i don't have a hydrogen car.
This is only studies, there are no results. Till then the earth temperature is rising fast. Food prices are rising as profits for the richs. This website is working for the richs and is creating inflation. These researchers are finding nothing but are paid at high price.
Hurry hup hydrogen, this is the future. Hydrogen made by water electrolisis, this is better than battery because the battery have to be plug to recharge and hydrogen instead can be made 24/24 and stocked efficiently. Solar panels and windmills can be used more efficiently instead of feeding the grid inconstantly. My next car won't be hydrogen unfortunatly because things are moving too slowly and my car is wearing each day so would need a replacement sooner then when hydrogen become available. The thing that i will do to compensate is buying a used car instead of a new so if hydrogen become available some day i will lose less money on the exchange. Everybody here should list what car they have now so we can plant what will replace it now. Better plant in advance instead of been struck without a good method of buying a car. This is a buying site except if you build your own car but even with that you need parts and hydrogen is not for sale as of yet unfortunatly.
It's been years and years that i read story about biofuels here and as today there is only poor ethanol blend about 10% in gasoline and that hurt my engine and raise the price of foods. At least this method seam better than corn ethanol and yield better gasoline for my car a 2005 dodge neon 5 speeds.
No matter what i do in this website i cannot find suitable cheap biofuel for my actual car. I live far from desert and sea so they won't do it in my area. Also i don't have an airplane so i don't buy aviation fuel. Maybe if i were living there i can change my engine for a small airplane engine. If ever they make ethanol then my car is not flex fuel. I won't move there even if it were interresting as im poor and cannot buy a house.
Im eager to see this on the upcoming formula one season. I won't buy in the future a car with all of this technology as it will be too costly and complicated for the garantee and maintenance and longevity. Presently i have a 2005 dodge neon 5 speeds and i intend to wait till it's wornout before changing it. No need to spend an extra 60 000$ to save fuel. Probably then in 2023 approx i will just buy a used small fuel efficient car like a honda fit but with the start-stop gadjet with coasting, that is an efficient overall package. Till then i continu to follow obsessively the technology-market scene. Im not eager to change my car as these technologies are selling at higher price denoting that even with great expence for research and develloppement the actual technology are favoring small unconplicated car instead of something new like battery, biofuels, hydrogen, plug-in, turbo, regenerative breaking, air engines, etc. there is no 5-5-5 batteries and there won't be any before another 15 to 30 years. All that exist is ridicously high priced bev like the tesla with huge amount of electric cells to compensate the fact that they are inneficient and weighthy, this car is dangeurous under wet conditions.
It look complicated but im confident that someday i will find an alternative to costly petrol-gasoline. I won't buy an audi as thier cars are too costly for me.
Please beware to not create a new epidemic desease for humanity with these gene modifications.
This is a limp article where they don't tell how the hydrogen is made and if it's made onsite or transported and how much cost a kilo of hydrogen and what are the mpg figure of the forklifts. Im thus less interrested to buy a forklift instead of a small gasoline car.
I read many time that it is possible to do methanol from co2.
Im interrested to buy but these folks do not operate in my area and they produce jet fuel instead of gasoline biofuel ?? They lose an excellent oportunity as im a steady consumer that buy at least 3 gallon of gasoline each week. This week is an exception because i did an extra small trip outside of town, burning an extra 3 gallons of gas. Im minding more and more what im doing in this website. Even if electricity is cheaper than usa and gas is pricier we do not see ev's in montreal canada.
It's been many time that i say to construct electrical power plant that burn methanol and then recycle the exhaust back to methanol for a complete loop of non-polluting low cost electrical energy.
Ok im done and i stop believing in improved batteries. Bev will always cost more and have short range. My next car will still be a gasser unfortunately but it will be the smallest and cheaper that can be and i will still drive slow to save fuel.
In 2023 approx i will take a look at a used unit of this car, it's interresting. Would it have start-stop or the idle of this car is very efficient so it don't need it. Also in winter of below zero degree and at night in town with heating and lighting start-stop option is not a great idea, probably that if i buy i will just buy if we can desactivate it with a button. I will buy a start-stop car only if it's free because i don't pay more and with complicated mechanical components to save fuel. I like also to save fuel AND on the cost of the car. This is the category that i like as a car size proposition, i won't go for a smaller car than this like the smart for 2 or the toyota iq. Now if they can begin to sell green algae fuel, that will push gasoline price lower and things will look brighter. Then the last part is to drive slow to save even more on gas. I don't know what is happening in canada but gasoline prices are still high at around 5.50$/gallon, higher taxs seam the main reason.