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I think Hull wants forwards that score and if Jozy doesn't score, he won't play. Working hard is a requirement, not something you're luck if you get. Jozy needs to be a threat if he wants to keep playing
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2009 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
I really like the Chemistry between Bornstein and anybody near him. It takes a LONG time to develop that. The other side of the coin is "if you haven't got it by now, a few more games won't make any difference. Play Castillo, we need to see what he brings. We know what Bornstein brings
Still not a Cunningham believer but glad to see him get the start. Castillo better get at least 1/2 a game. We already know Bornstein is a screw up. I thought Torres was called in? Did I miss something? Lets see if Benny will stay outside And Clark, no dumb fouls for a change. Don't like no attacking mid in this alignment. Feels like an "empty bucket" to me
Seattle speaks. Riley was so valuable that NE left him exposed. Watched him for years and Kevin Alston is already better than Riley will ever be
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on SBI's 2009 MLS Best XI at Soccer By Ives
Ans - he's never played for Bradley and that is critical for MLS people to make the NAT team. I'm not sure that he isn't better than junior
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on SBI's 2009 MLS Best XI at Soccer By Ives
I'd vote for Blanco if there was an "All Floppers" team. He's the most shameless diver since Carlos Ruiz and I'm actually glad to see him take his diving show elsewhere
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2009 on SBI's 2009 MLS Best XI at Soccer By Ives
On Ives lineup --------Altidore--------Johnson---- Feilhaber--Bradley--Clark---Holden Bornstein--Bocanegra--Conrad--Spector ------------------Guzan-------------------------- While I think this is most likely it, I really hope that Dax starts over Clark. If he doesn't, we'll have no attack. Also, I wonder if BB saw Clark give LA a PK in the MLS playoffs? He's the next Pablo M. Also, Sit Altadore and Bornstein. Altadore for mailing it in and Bornstein for being stupid ... again. I would like to see Castillo get a long look, not 10 minutes like he gave Cunningham last time out. I want to see Cunningham start this game and play at least 60 minutes. Then we'll know if there's anything there
You're dreaming. Bad News Bob loves the kid, no matter how many games he costs us
I saw the Swiss beat Italy and Germany and they were impressive. I'm also glad to see anyone outside the "big team" nations, win this
Well if you looked at what the big teams were all doing, this was most likely the best game we could get. We're no big attraction to a big team looking for a gate I also am starting to look more closely at Jozy and he doesn't hold up to close examination. Bad ball control, does not make good runs, and generally waits for the game to come to him. It's time to sit him down until he comes to play every game. I vote for Clint and Cunningham to start. Maybe Jozy late in the game but NO MORE CASEY .... ever. Lose Ching's number too
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2009 on Slovakia 1, USA 0: The Highlights at Soccer By Ives
Well the league has what they want. LA in a final. Think that first goal denial changed the game. Not even sure if the call was right
I WC teams will be hoping to draw them first and us second next summer. With the draw rigged to favor the big teams, I don't see us having any chance to play them
Why would Guzman start in a WC someday? I don't understand why he's even on the bench at this point? Riding the pine in Europe does not exactly qualify you for a NAT starter or even a NAT bench position. I think that when Bradley is fired next summer, all positions are open and Guzman will not be getting the passes he's been getting under Bradley.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2009 on The new-look Marcus Hahnemann at Soccer By Ives
I see "Blooter" Burns is in fine company. Why is his name even in there?
What a shocker. Why even bother having these friendlies? Most of these guys have been playing for BB as long as he's been the boss. I know MLS playoffs are keeping some off the roster but my questions are: 1) What has Heath Pierce done to get another chance 2) How far off the bench is Adu? I'm thinking terminal for him 3) Do we really need to see Frankie, Boca, Bornstein, Dolo Conrad or Marshall again? Has anything changed? 4) What happened to that guy in the Mexican league? 5) Why no Parkhurst? He's still better then 1/2 called 6) Cunningham still doesn't understand offsides but I'm glad to see him get another shot. We need a speed forward 7) The return of Sacha 8) Thank God Mikey is available. Where is Torres?
I wish MLS would sell him while they still might be able to get some money and just let him stay in Italy. He's no big gate draw anymore and is more of a show pony than anything else here in MLS. I'm just sick of hearing Beckham this and Beckham that.
Blanco wants to go out as the all time, biggest, MLS flopper. A title currently held by Carlos Ruiz. It will be tough but if he has a good game, he can dive his team into a PK or two. One hates to see a talented player resort to something as dishonorable as diving but he is .... a world class flopper. I don't think the Revs will win and don't see any blow outs
After seeing him go after his own defender and the stomp incident, I am not at all sorry for this guy and hope to never see him in MLS again.
I think it's great. He needs a good swift kick and hopefully this will wake him up. If he bombs here, there won't be a lot of places in Europe that will want him. He didn't cut it with parent club, didn't play at his first loan and is struggling to make it at Hull. WAKE UP while there's still time
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2009 on Brown gives Altidore a life-line at Soccer By Ives
I am a Rev fan and am on the fence about Nicol. He does seem to get as much as possible out of what he has but does not do enough to sign new players that can contribute. We don't know if he is the problem or if it's the front office being cheap? Limping into the playoffs with the team he has is an accomplishment. Failing to improve the team he has is a shortcoming. We have a bench full of players he won't use. All this puts him in the middle of the road in my book Arena on the other hand has to deal with both Donovan and Beckham. Handling that pair is worthy of some kind of award
Time to call Parkhurst into the next camp
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2009 on DeMerit to have eye surgery at Soccer By Ives
Exciting finish. Good thing we won in Honduras though. Liked Altidore & Torres. Torres must play more I'm just disappointed in the fact that we struggled so much and almost lost to a team that may net even go to SA. Had CR not decided to pack it in and continued to attack, they'd be going today. This team is a very long way from being anything more than a group stage filler right now. Every team in our group will be better than CR and most will probably be happy to have to play us. I had hoped for so much more after the last WC. At least BB will have to make defensive adjustments now.
This thread is exactly what's wrong with MLS. Cunningham must be MVP because he leads the league in goals and yet his team hasn't made the playoffs. So what's he the MVP of? Ans - nothing. Has a middy of defender got a chance, even though they may actually be more valuable than Jeff? Not likely. Those aren't glory positions. Since we've established that only glory positions or glory people can win, it boils down to just two people. The winner has to be either Beckham or Obama and I'm leaning for Obama because he watches his kids play while Beckham only plays the game
I do not want to roll over for CR. They beat us up last time and I'd like to return the favor. Plus, historically, they've been a dirty team that goes out to hurt people. Since we've beat Honduras twice and lost to CR, it's to our advantage to help Honduras and hurt CR if possible. That being said, it is a good time to play guys like Holden, Torres and maybe give Davies the night off. I do wish this game were being played in a colder location though
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2009 on USA 3, Honduras 2: The Day After at Soccer By Ives
I guess if you want to get any Bradly quotes, you have to suck up a little. All your article means is that if/when we bomb, Sunil has to go too Did we look good in the 1'st half? No, we were trapped in our own end. Did we almost blow a game we had a 2 goal lead? It took a missed PK to get us 3 How did we look in the group stage in SA? If people rip Bradley, there's a reason. Maybe we can't win a WC yet but at lease we have to look like we belong there. Some of us have concerns that this will not be the case (SBI-Zongzap, do you believe half the nonsense you write? You seem so intent on supporting the negativity that exists in what seems like 95 percent of your comments that you are determined to dwell on every potential negative point possible from Saturday and ignore every positive.)
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2009 on USA 3, Honduras 2: The Day After at Soccer By Ives