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Ditto to JVP's request At least give us a smaller diesel alternative that is more thrifty, and cheaper to buy. Exactly! Give us half that diesel engine matted to a standard trasmission.
What is the source of heat, electric or a seperate furnace? If electric, how much range is left after melting the ice on windshield?
I understand that Goracle doesn't acknowledge the theretical possibility of catastrophic climate destabilization. What I don't understand is why (s)he thinks climate change denialism is relevant to every post on this site. This is just a cool concept car; it's nothing to do with climate change.
Good question ai vin. If we had to pay the full costs of production this fuel would be an economic non-starter.
The cap and trade system seems overly complex for a government program to reduce carbon emisions, which could just be done with taxes. Is there another agenda, full-employment for economists, accountants, and bureaucrats perhaps?