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I quite liked her most recent, Foreign Bodies. The promotion compared it to Henry James' The Ambassadors, which I think was a mistake -- it is not nearly as dense as James. My comparison would be Linda Grant's We Had It So Good, although Ozick's obviously comes from a more American perspective. Also, consider Dictation, a Quartet -- four longish short stories (or shortish novellas -- the book is just under 200 pages). You can tell from The Shawl that Ozick is very, very good at capturing a lot in not very many pages and she does it to good effect in all four of the quartet. The title story is quite hilarious, in a devilish sort of way.
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I am another one of those who is impressed that Bookhound found a wonderful "gift for two" that involved renting a digger for a week. The truly innovative mind knows no bounds.
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Many happy returns, DGR. And may the next reading year be every bit as good as the last few.
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Happy Birthday, Tinker, from both myself and Mrs. KfC. I trust your new landlady will come up with an appropriate feast.
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A job well done and I am sure the Tinker is settling in just fine. I am rather surprised that you and Bookhound were not commissioned to prepare the Ken Palace apartments for the Cambridges -- it would have been done on time, on budget, with superior results. :-) I am only speculating, but I bet with this job now done Bookhound has a project in mind that will require rental of a digger for at least a few days this summer.
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Since I know a little bit about the Fiction Uncovered prize, I'd like to take this opportunity to say how chagrined I am that you were a judge. Not that you weren't worthy, by any means -- you are exactly the kind of judge they want and need. But we DGR fans have had a whole year without any thoughts from you on contemporary fiction, since you are being a decent judge who does not talk outside of school, as it were. Sort of like the Duchess of Cambridge going on a High Street shopping strike, with all apologies to our 'ilary. Or the V and A saying "we're taking a year off to reconsider our definiton of 'craft' -- we'll be back next year". I'd rather you talked then judged, but that is inherently selfish. 'nuff said. George Eliot has waited for a fair while to hear your thoughts and I don't think a month's delay will be a problem. Fellow travellers like myself will just have to hold our breath. I for one am delighted at the regime that you have proclaimed for 2013. You have been a "saint" (we aren't supposed to say that during Lent, are we?) in keeping the blog current for the last year, given your busy schedule. On the other hand, I can't help but look forward to when this blog will again be DGR's platform number one. As for the Tinker, surely he could hang up a few towels for a couple of weeks? (That's a ludicrous idea of course -- I am sure he has a whole suitcase full of tapestries that could fill in for a bit.) I am quite certain that if you had given him the list in your post a couple of days ago, the first thing he would have said would have been "why don't we hang a couple of towels over the windows for a few weeks -- or perhaps we could put up some of my 'minor' works?" Cheers.
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