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That was fun. It's great to see such a good turnout. I think our box showed we can compete with the others in So Fla. John S. is the man. P.S. the definition of "Suck" is wall balls.
I've been working out at some kind fitness program my whole life. High school sports, swimming,running,weight training, kick boxing and the list goes on. Nothing I have done in the past has gotten me in the shape that the Crossfit method has. I can't say enough about the whole concept. Constantly varied training, high intensity, friendly competion, it all adds value to the program. The WODs are always a challenge. Whether it's the challenge of finishing a metcon with a respectable time or the challenge of mastering the olympic lifts, every day is a test. I look forward to hitting the gym every day. Some days with dread, some days with excitement but I always want to be there. One thing that is a huge asset to Crossfit is the community atmosphere. We as a group are more supportive and friendlier than any other gym I've ever worked out in. We make each other better. Watching what our Firebreathers can do is an added bonus. All said the most important ingredient has been the coaching. The coaches at our box have all contributed to the gains we have all made. I've trained at four other Crossfit affiliates and found that as a rule Crossfit trainers take the time to ensure you get it right. They are consistent, they are attentive, they are knowledgable, but most of all they give a shit. They want to see you succeed. They are not like the personal trainers at a globo gym who are just there to get a paycheck while they finish school. So to coaches Steve, Heidi, Ryan, Nick and Manny, and to all my gym mates, thanks for getting me in the best shape I've been in in a long time. The next 50 years is going to be great.
What kind of bet is that? Either way I lose. If you win I get embarassed, if I win we all have to suffer that visual trauma.
Jami, I agree, however the visual of Steve dressed like a French-Canadian snowbird on Hollywood Beach is very disturbing
I'm trying very hard not to imagine.
Jami, you may be the only person ever to suggest Steve Bowser wear a Speedo.
Jami, I missed a couple of days for family stuff but I'll be in today for the "Chipper".
I'll see you at five. Hope to see what you had for lunch also.
I am most definitely in for this. I'll Start saving my pennies.
Hey Fake Tan Princess! Stop complaining about your butt hurting. Isn't that why you come? Oh, and I see you are one of the Morning Moms now. You got some news for us? Get back in during the afternoon where you belong.
Do I get a few seconds off my time for stopping to wipe blood out of my eyes? 6:42 and that bitch Fran broke my nose. Neither of my wives every did that.
Holy crap. There are some strange cats on that stretch of I-95 between Central Florida and Virginia. Keep you head down.
Dude, you posted all the dates wrong. Monday is the 6th.
The Snowmen went much better than the freakin Bear.
Some days you eat the bear. Some days the bear eats you. Hopefully I'll have more success with snowmen. I'm learning to be more positive about my (seemingly) failed workouts. The right approach is to take a look at what happened and set out to correct the weaknesses, not to be PO'ed about the results. Wrist flexibility and shoulder strength are on the weakness list.
I got you covered Kyle. Hey Steve, Mindbodyonline wants 20 bucks to sign me up for my WOD today.
Just a question. Are we going to do the Bear as the main site video shows and post loads, or are we going do do a prescribed weight for time?
Ooh Wall Balls. See you guys tomorrow.
I asked about the visitor you mentioned. they said her name is Melanie and she's a captain in the Army. They also said she's a firebreather. Could that be her? Today's WOD was 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Ring push up, Kettlebell swings, jumping lunges. Then the extra work was 5 rounds of 12 jumping slam balls and 6 burpees. After that I ran 1.5 miles back to the hotel. I was pretty wobbly when I got back.
Damn, I'm missing Murph. Murph is a challenge and a very telling benchmark WOD. I've been training at CrossFit Old Town up here in Alexandria. Another group of fine people. We worked on cleans on Monday and jerks yesterday. Just coincidence, the guy I paired up with for the workout yesterday is from Coral Springs.
Good Morning to the Afflicted. I did the WOD at Firebase yesterday morning. My mention of Murphy the other day seems to have been a premonition. I thought it was a good one. 42:39. I'm ready to do it again!
Heather, after tonihgt I won't be at our gym until Friday the 19th. Steve you can save Murph until I get back.
Where on Facebook Miss Princess Prescribed? Nick I had 11:45 doing singles. My legs felt like lead.
Annie, Linda, Cindy, Murph?
We just need the trainer to get more practice on how to stagger starts.