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Richard Goutal
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On the issue of over-use of research: Did this all start with Tom Clancy? I confess I read several of the originals, like Red Storm Rising. But at the time it came under "Learn something new." I'm reading a favorite thriller author now. It's a book he wrote back in 1996. And I was thinking "too much tech trivia." And the really silly thing is when he takes time to explain tech stuff that is now in the "doh" category (and maybe it was then too). Does he think most readers have no idea that an LAN is a local area network? The explanation is totally unrelated to the story. Don't most mystery readers know what NCIS is? What the fingerprint classification system is? Does it require two paragraphs? I am going to be forgiving of this older book, though, because his book Paranoia was my favorite read in 2008.