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Der Kaiser
Kansas City, KS
Interests: Soccer,FuSball, Football (the original brand), hiking, volksmarching, running, kayaking. Currently living the dream: playing FuSball at 40+ in the KrieseKlasse in Germany, translated: Die BierLiga
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Food for thought for those of you BPL fans who follow the Bundesliga as fly by night fans when it benefits the USMNT. Although they play different positions, Johnson is rated by Kicker Magazine at #114 out of 200+ players and with a note of 3.63 out of 5/6 (not bad). Whereas Chandler is rated #141 with a note of 3.75. German player rating differ from BPL or US ratings, lower is better. Jones sits in the Top 50 with a 3.23 and Dolo rates at #173 at 3.73 ahead of Chandler.
@ Matt, You're a typical clueless American soccer pom-pom fan. Boyd plays on the reserve side you knucklehead(but will likely soon move to a 2.BL side or newly promoted BL side). It's obvious that when they were passing out brains, you thought they said trains and weren't going anywhere, so you didn;t get in line. Get with the program!
If Klinsmann applied the same logic to Boyd scoring in reserve team matches, then one would think the same would apply to Wooten as well, not to mention the fact that Wooten actually got PT with 1.FCKs Erste Team, and scored with them. So, in my view, I would have taken Wooten over either 1) Agudelo, or 2) Gomez. Zusi deserves a call-up/another look. He's the glue that holds Sporting KC together in the middle, plays with calmness on the ball, and has great vision.
DFB-Pokal means nothing. Next weekend is the only game that counts to Bayern. Mia San Mia, auf ghet's BAYERN!
DFB Pokal means nothing. Next weekend is the only thing that counts in Bayern's mind. Mia san Mia, auf geht's Bayern!
As I have said before, Dempsey's best bet is at Schalke where he: 1) fits Stevens system 2) will continue to bag goals with Huntalaar 3) will play CL football
Toggle Commented May 12, 2012 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
While Boyd didn't suite up for the first team, he did score a brace for BvB II on Saturday..
Toggle Commented May 6, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Wooten starting for 1.FCK, but Boyd doesn't make bench for BvB.
Agree. He will get CL time next season with AZ and bench time in Italy.
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Dempsey would be best served by filling Raul's shoes at Schalke and starting, plus playing in the CL. His attitude and play is the perfect fit in the Schalke system with Huntelaar.
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Both Boyd and Wooten deserve USMNT call-ups over Wondolowski for the WCQs.
Pay attention to current events in the news, Chef. Wooten is coming off the bench for 1.FCK. After being among lead leaders in Regionalliga scoring, coupled with his potential, why on earth would Lautern, Wooten or even Porter risk that opportunity for him? Even though he deserves it, Porter knows better. Good on him for not pushing the envelope with Wooten's club. Get a clue.
Was thinking the same thing @ predicto. He looks solid today. Great match as both teams battle for the 6th spot in Europe.
Never left, buddy. Been trolling in here for my daily SNL comedy mix, especially when I see your laughable comments.
Matthew Taylor mit doppelpack as SC Paderborn win, 3-0, dominate Alamenia Aachen. Move into 2 place of the 2.BL and a chance at promotion.
probably b/c he blows..
Why, because JJ is the rock in a midfield of jugends, and was utlimately the man of the match.
None of the above. Dooley!
Typical ignorant American when he says "I would just like to see true, real Americans who would live and die for this country representing our country." wtf does he think their father's did you SoB.. If PZ had half the balls he'd enlist in the Army. Punk! we don't need him anyway--wuzzie!
Terrence Boyd? Or is he a lock and Porter is looking at other options.
What do I think of this development? It's Development, and that's all.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on Agudelo to train with Liverpool at Soccer By Ives
Maybe that capacity will be in Germany scouting our jugends?
Spot on - Bradley is good enough for US.
G-Spot: READ my post. I was referring to one incident, not the entire game. I don't wear the same rose-colored glasses you wear. Bradley was twice rated BMG's top MF by Kicker and I reported it HERE. I know what potential he has, but I also know his pitfalls. You, on the other hand, tend to give him a free pass and praise him as if he is the wunderkind of US football. Look at the Whole and not the Parts that make the Whole.