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450 cycles isn't is good as the rest of the specs, but a 300 mile battery at 450 cycles is good for 135,000 miles. Not perfect, but 10 years down the road when you have to replace it...the replacement will be quite a bit better and cheaper. :)
This whole article is embarrassing. It's based on "research" done by a fuel cell group with assumptions like batteries weight is the main factor in efficiency AND that batteries never get any take 2015 tech and use that same Wh/kg in 25 years! F'ing BRILLIANT! My dog just soiled himself when I read that out loud because it's so stupid. Why are you guys wasting your time with these idiots. Why don't we debate how many angels dance on the head of a pin next?!? Are they THIS desperate to keep their funding going? I'm embarrassed for them.
"with 2.5 times the energy density" Oh shove it. When you're ready to announce real specs, call us. - Wh/kg - Wh/l - $$/kWh - kW/kg - operating temp - cycle life - etc, etc, etc ....FFS, ANYTHING that's a REAL number. I'm so sick of marketing releases.
We take so much for granted these days. This is a huge announcement for infrastructure build out and hardly anyone even comments. LOL
Sounds promising...maybe....I think. LOL If it can routinely handle 10C charging with that kind of energy density, that's good. But is that really new/different from what they've had for a couple of years? I'm wondering if Centurion is right and this is really just marketing spin on the same battery they've had for a couple of years....much like the Toshiba SCIB announcements last week. I think everyone is just realizing that fast charging batteries with a good super charger network opens up new possibilities. These specs seem slightly different from what's on their website. For Example "down to -40 degrees" here compared to "even below -20 degrees" on their old specs. Did they just decide to make a stronger marketing statement or is it really closer to 20 degrees better in the operating range? I'll wait for full specs including $/kWh and life cycles, etc. before I get too excited.
If only my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle. It's called reality Harvey. I have nothing against fuel cells for stationary applications where they make economic sense and there is a steady supply of hydrogen. Your submarine statement shows how stupid you are. If that were economical on a large scale, then the middle east would be a paradise and they'd just pump in sea water and desalinate it to make the whole place into a giant lush meadow.
Wow Harvey, and the deep semi-vacuum of space is the most abundant thing in the universe! We should use that to power cars! Do you ever stop with that bullshit? The fact that hydrogen exist has nothing to do with it being available to power vehicles. That's as stupid as telling someone dying of thirst on the ocean "hey, if you just pulled all that salt out of the'd have plenty to drink!".
Ramsey nailed it. I have nothing against fuel cells if you use them correctly. Why wouldn't you use a stationary fuel cell to to generate the electricity for the base and the vehicles and just make the vehicle an EV?
The whole world is moving to EVs as fast as their little feet can carry them, and these assclowns are still playing with fuel cells. When do they start firing people who waste money at GM for this crap?
Harvey, That is WHY I TOLD YOU THAT YOU COULD HAVE YOUR CHOICE AND I CAN HAVE MINE. Are you physically capable of recognizing that not everyone has the same requirements as you? Just for a minute, can you fake it? LOL
If this one were to pan out (moving from the lab to practical real world considering cost/manufacturing, safety, yada, yada, yada) then it would truly be a game changer. I believe that once you get over ~250miles of range, the ability to quickly charge becomes more important than trying to further improve the range. Obviously, both are good, but if you can top it off in 5 minutes...then problem solved: You buy however much capacity YOU need and nothing more. Harvey can buy his 500 miles and I'll be happy with my 200 :)
Ohhh....that's so cute! They actually think H2 has anything to do with passenger vehicles LMAO!!!
LOLOLOLOLOLOL You guys keep huffing that H2 and the few thousand vehicles that will be on roads around the world by 2020 while there are literally millions of BEVs. But hey, don't let a small thing like reality bother you. :-)
gorr, if you'll quit sucking on the exhaust pipe of your Neon, it wouldn't smell so bad.
This is incredible! Once they can produce H2 for the non existant HFCV fleet, I hear that next they'll come up with a way to add 10% to horse feed so we can feed all the horses we'll NEVER use in our fleet!!! LOL
What a F'ing moron! Does he think elves are going to build the EVs? What the ACTUAL F**K??? Seriously, you moron, those people would build EVs and electric motors rather than ICE cars and ICE engines. I suppose going from manual transmissions to automatics destroyed 250,000 jobs too???? Jesus H Christ, this guy is too stupid to handle anything sharper than a crayon.
Harvey, I'm sorry that people have to change because it's never easy. But we can't bring back coal jobs anymore than we can bring stable hand jobs back to every corner of America. We just don't use horses for transportation. But there are literally millions of jobs that will be created as we build out the renewables and the grid has to be upgraded and updated whether we go to renewables or not. Right now it's totally vulnerable to cyber attacks from those Russian idiots as they prepare for the next stage of cyber war. So there are plenty of jobs that will be created no matter where the energy comes from. People are going to have to be retrained and there is nothing we can do to turn back the clock on that.
ECI, Huge Grin...Yep LOL It's just so tiring to hear the conspiracy theories and gorr has started going on to every blog/forum he can find to start that crap. It's like dealing with the Trump supporters now: facts and reality have nothing to do with it anymore. They've turned themselves into some type of martyred fossil-fuel cult.
I knew gorr couldn't stay away for long. Funny how Gorr knows the secrets of the world even as the oil companies and OPEC are quintupling their estimates of EVs and admitting that they will displace 8 million barrels of oil a day. But you go with it gorr...we can all use the laugh.
Woopie! So now we can get our daily dose of fossil fuels from fracking!!! LMAO!!!!
Harvey, Audi already has batteries at $114/kWh now. What goal do they have to hit by 2020 to be "low cost and mass produced"? And where is gorr today? I miss my daily dose of drug induced conspiracy/hysteria. LOL
gorr, you are NOT tall enough to ride this ride. And for the last time, STOP huffing the fumes from your Dodge Neon...It's damaging your brain.
LMAO!!!! Thanks for the laugh E-P. gorr, This is Oak Ridge...a National Lab. These are the guys who did the uranium enrichment for the Manhattan project and the design of many different nuclear reactors and all kinds of advancements in materials science, propulsion for space know, real science. Again, adjust your meds, get a grip and stop with the delusions and conspiracy theories. It's getting really tiresome.
gorr can prove it's impossible for a human being to dunk a basketball because he saw a 10 year old little boy who couldn't so now he knows that NOBODY can! Seriously, gorr...I'm tired of being nice and ignoring your rants. STFU or learn some logic you frigging moron.
Exactly. It's just a matter of time so keep moving towards EVs or we'll be back to buying so much Saudi oil that we'll be funding even more wars in the middle east. Oh, I forgot....Trump already decided to sell them half a trillion worth of crap...forget they use it for terrorism and oppressing their people.