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richard schumacher
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Excellent. Now when the hell are we going to see retail products? I would happily pay $6 per gallon for carbon-neutral gasoline for my Prius.
Excellent. Now when the hell are we going to see retail products? I would happily pay $6 per gallon for carbon-neutral gasoline for my Prius.
Interesting, but far removed from green car applications, no?
They want to use coal as a feedstock? Forget it. Get back to us when they want to use CO2 from the air.
Why is the Crown line not sold in NA?
This will be money well spent. The development of advanced materials and structures requires much better numerical simulation capability than exists now.
I'd happily pay $6/gallon for renewable gasoline.
Funny how deniers deny that global warming is occurring at all, yet they're all gung-ho over a hint that it may not be quite so bad as it could have been. Then, having no evidence to support their position, they trot out two-year-old gossip and backbiting. Ho hum.
Pulleys, belts, and two clutches? Eww. Toyota and Ford hybrids have none of those unreliable designed-to-wear-out components.
Anyone who doesn't like Solyndra must be in an absolute tizzy about SLS, the Senate's $18 billion welfare program for aerospace contractors. That's not even a bet; it's a certainty that nothing useful will come of it, unless you believe that rewarding patronage is a good return on the public investment. Cue the righteous indignation.
Why stop smoking now? They'll have much better cancer cures in 20 years.
Belt drive and gears? Feh. License Toyota's HSD system instead.
So you agree that we must give up fossil fuels, but only for the proper reasons? and only after we drown the world's coastal cities, destroy our existing agricultural regions, and create a billion refugees? Yes, that certainly does sound like a positive step forward for mankind. Thanks for sharing.
And whatever happened to superconductive energy storage? It looked promising even before perovskites.
For less than $0.20 per kW-h delivered we can be carbon free. That is a small price to pay.
Yes, the US has enough coal to meet 200 years worth of its current energy needs (1). Now we need the wisdom not to use it, because using it would do us irreparable harm. (1) But who thinks that US energy needs will not grow? And of course the world as a whole has only about 100 years worth of coal even at current rates of energy consumption. Whoever develops non-fossil energy will do well, both by using it themselves and selling it to others.
If you're worried about costs, consider the trillions of dollars it would cost to abandon our coastal cities and lose the grain-growing regions of North America. The US and the world need to use less fossil fuel, not more, no matter how attractive the short-term benefits appear to be. One way or another we're going to have $7 gasoline; it ought to be made from atmospheric CO2 using non-fossil energy sources. One example:
Is Optima a luxury model? A Prius gets 50 MPG and can easily cost less.
The water is recirculated in a closed system, so undoubtedly it is demineralized water.
After five years it's good to finally see them in an application. By the way: what is "Moden Fuel"? I would have thought that any monopropellant is also unavoidably an explosive under all conditions.
Anne has nailed it. Long-term reliability of this thing does not look good.