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Interests: balance, sanity, common sense
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@Davemart - my thoughts are along the same lines, especially in degenerating urban settings.... those things will be completely looted by people with their identities concealed during the next inner city riots. But maybe they will spread the costs around with Uber/Lyft-style dynamic pricing based on time of day and ghetto it will be driving into.
I still find it insane that they are going to put electric motors in the wheels. You hit one pot hole or curb and think the motor is still going to have 100 percent functionality afterwards? HOW ???? Am I crazy?
@Lad -- they weren't serious with the Volt or Bolt? I think they realize their previous failures and are now following the approach of others in the industry (ie. Tesla).
@sd Farmers and ranchers could also use EV trucks and farm equipment along with other technologies for off-the-grid farming to ultimately cut the cords from energy and oil companies.
Smart move by GM. Beautiful massive SUV unlike the goofy looking Tesla Cybertruck. Now I would like to see a massive movement towards off the grid decentralized energy production in order to cut the cord from the big energy companies forever. I'm tired of being raped by big oil, big energy, big medicine, big government. BA$TARDS !
This story shouldn't be on this site. It's not "green" and not exactly related to cars.
@Engineer-Poet: Sounds nice but PHEV (non-series hybrid) performance is dreadful. During those short bursts of speed on electric drive --- nice....but the shift back to gas ....pure crap. Going pure electric as quickly as possible at this point (as it appears they are doing) is the best long term strategy.
I don't like the front grill. At least make it black with a chrome mustang.
A lot of these biofuel facilities were established with subsidies and grants from leftist administrations. You have to make enough revenue to give politicians kickbacks, who in turn will give more subsidies and grants (if they are still in power). Problem is the taxpayer got scammed numerous times with unproven technology --- while the biofuel facilities went bankrupt and the project developers made off with massive amounts of taxpayer dollars (ie. Range Fuels).
I think there is more risk to species from pollution from runoff and garbage from third world countries, put into rivers and oceans, than from mining. Just sayin'.
Hopefully there is no cancer risk with these higher and higher speed bandwidths
Target customers: Russian oligarchs, Saudi Princes and maybe a professional NBA/MLB/NFL athlete here and there ...pretty obvious
This is a move for Ford's long term survival. Good thing Tesla is getting into semi-trucks because Ford is coming after them with a vengeance now.
I've been reading that because Ford/Chrysler/GM are making more expensive cars, rental car fleets are switching to Nissan and others. This is probably going to fill that void also.
It shouldn't be too difficult to make the jump to making a long-range electric pickup truck!
They launched the program in 2009 and paid Venter and his company hundreds of millions of dollars ---- so where are the production facilities? This looks more and like a scam, like so many others in renewable energy. Step 1: Have an elitist academic type make a bunch of noise, Step 2: Convince politicians and globalists there is a problem that requires a Marxist redistributionist globalist solution, Step 3: Elites get rich at the expense of common working people and future unborn generations through trillions more dollars added to the debt.
This is a no-brainer, as anyone who has looked at the pictures of the lungs of smokers knows. But to label C02 as a pollutant is a marxist ploy that has nothing to do with science.
Why did Obama want to use American taxpayer resources to help the Brazilians explore for oil in the Atlantic Ocean, establish drill rigs in the Atlantic Ocean and be one of Brazil's best customers, but won't let Americans drill in Arctic Ocean?
Autonomous vehicles are but another attack on individualism and freedom by the central planning marxists. I will be keeping the vehicle that I drive & doesn't report to Big Brother...thank you very much.
Given the competitive nature of the auto industry & the amount of spying going on, there is a very high likelihood that other automakers have been doing the same thing as VW, but VW just happened to get caught ---- like doping in professional sports. They better do a review of EVERYONE and not just crucify VW.
Why wouldn't the coal companies simply compete directly with the steel companies by making their own carbon fibers from coal?
@Davemart: Why are you a denier? This is peer reviewed science, performed at a recognized university (GWU) and funded by the National Science Foundation.
gor said "This green market is just fraud organized by international banks to lend more money to goverments all over the world , acquire patents to push price up for all kind of products." It's more like "This green market is just fraud organized by democratic party interests as payoffs for political contributions and to advance the power of the hammer & sickle"