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Starr Meade's "Training Hearts, Teaching Minds" (or something like that) is on the WSC... very good for devotions with whole family. Easily adapted to Spurgeon. Her book of Bible STories (Grandpa's Box) good for younger children too. We just need something like it for the Heidelberg Catechism! Chuck
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2009 on The 2009 Reformission at Reformissionary
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It's taken me 5 years to get it at the point where it might be possible I think...
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That's how I'd normally interpret that word. But since Acts 29 is "church planting" (and I didn't have time to listen to all the audio) I wondered if they had a more specialized meaning. Is yours a replant? Mine is an ATTEMPT at one, but it's mostly a head banger!
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What is "Church Replanting"?
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