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Timothy L. Pennell
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Gee. Do ya think that the WHITE HOUSE had anything to do with this? Do you think that the guy who was offering GOODIES to people if they DIDN'T run for the SENATE, might be involved in a deal to PAY for a PREFERRED Senator? Do you think that a guy who ran the streets of the South Side, hung out with the Black Panthers, ACORN, SEIU, and TONY REZKO, might want these TAPES to be 'Locked Away'? Maybe with his Birth Certificate, his Medical Records, his College Entrance Paperwork, his College Thesis, and the VIDEO of him at his good friend PLO TERRORIST Khaleed Rashidis' Going Away Party? (That last one has actually been locked in a vault by the UNBIASED L.A. TIMES, who I'm SURE, would do the same thing if it was a VIDEO of Sarah Palin at a SKIN HEAD Party. Blag might as well be in a CUBAN Court. Obama is a MARXIST, and he does things that Marxists do. I see that PUTIN just had 100,000 Books confiscated. They were about Him. And they didn't show him in a very favorable light. This THING in the White House. This PSYCHOPATH. He will never let the TRUTH come out in this trial. PLAY ALL THE TAPES! Or let him go.