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While I may agree with sentiments expressed above, I see little hope for a desirable end to such action. Here are my reasons. At present the most heavily armed groups in this country are street gangs and white supremacist nut cases. I have nothing in common with either and I seriously doubt you will find a George Washington in either camp and (make no mistake) a George Washington would be necessary. We live in the Disinformation Age. This is probably the most ill-informed generation since the Dark Ages. Do we really want to trust the end result of an armed revolt to a populous who couldn't name the current or last vice president, speaker of the House or Senate majority leader? Ever watched Jay Walking? I believe in the Constitution of the United States, the Golden Rule and Murphy's Law. The Golden Rule and Murphy's Law will be in effect for eternity. The Constitution is in our hands and I believe the most effective way to preserve it is to use it. It is all well and good (and more fun) to stockpile weapons and ammo and make "Liberty or Death" pronouncements but the best and most lasting victory will only be won by winning hearts and minds. This will take a lot of hard work. It will take harassing elected officials with calm, carefully reasoned, invective-free, factual communications explaining to them just exactly why they are completely full of shit. It will take writing the same kind of letters to the editors of your local newspapers (and don't make the mistake of discounting this medium. There are many potential friends who still read newspapers.) Lastly, it will take climbing into the political trenches, becoming politically active and getting your hands dirty with something other than gun shot residue. America is still the best and brightest hope for mankind and the worst thing we could do is allow our Great Experiment to fail because we were too lazy to employ the system we created to make the changes we desire. Yes, this country's backside is in an enormous crack. Yes, it is our fault and yes, it is our responsibility to make it right. Shall we choose the hard road, vindicating the efforts of our Founders or the blood-soaked path to an almost certain hell?
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