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I'm sure there are more details to this that weren't covered, but how can that company sue for "defamation" when they freely admitted the breach. Seems to me that there's simply no case for them to bring. Of course, it looks like the judges had some sort of axe to grind against bloggers, hence the rulings. Though it would be interesting to have the judge define what qualifies as a journalist. The fact that she is a freelancer and has been published in major publications would seem to fly in the face of this arbitrary ruling. I'd be interested to hear what john jay has to think about this.
To swipe an idea from one of the commenters at the Reason link above and get an early jump on things, I think I'll be signing all my comments with an e-MO-ticon from now on. Cheers all, (((:~{>
I also find it interesting that it is encircling Europe and Africa, and that North America is almost completely hidden behind the flag. I guess he's trying to subliminally minimize the US in the scope of this summit.
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I have yet to see the first form.
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"They now face expulsion from the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Journalists Syndicate on charges of promoting normalization with Israel." Oh heavens, what will we do about these horrible people seeking "normalization". What could they possibly be thinking about wanting the world and relationships to be "normal". That is, of course, because "normal" to these knuckleheads is folks blowing themselves up, lobbing missiles at daycare centers and schools, and killing people who disagree with their definition of "normal". @PersonOfTheBook - only if peace is on their terms, i.e. everyone else subjugated or dead.
I find it interesting that zero "seeks..." whatever from the muslims, yet demands that we respect islam and the muslims. How's that working out for you, on either count?! Schmuck.
@Rick Sincere - Whether the journalists choose to sit on something for themselves or the administration is holding an axe over their heads are two completely different scenarios. I'm sure there's always (well before 2008/2009) been some "back scratching" between the WH press corps and the communications folks. However, to evoke a moral equivalence argument between the heavy-handed manipulation that O's boys have been using and ANY other president is pretty lame. O and his boys have sunk to new lows in dealing with the press, the public, and their critics. OT (but related), I rather suspect that Pelosi's comments about this being the "most ethical" congress, referred to the most ethical infractions, most ethically challenged, and most ethically bereft. I lump the executive branch in with that bunch as well.
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While I'm all for nipping the creeping sharia in the bud, from a more pragmatic standpoint, what does that do for motorcycle riders who wear full face helmets? When I'm riding in cold weather, I not only have a full face helmet (possibly with tinted shield), but also a neoprene face mask to keep warm. Granted, I take them off when I get off the bike. But I'm just askin'.
OK, Keith, how's about a thought exercise. You say " cannot use warfare to expand your territories and colonize another country." - Shall the Italians be booted out of Italy in favor of the Etruscans? - How about the English (Angles, Jutes, Saxons, Normans) all leave the British Isles and repatriate the Picts? - What about the USA, the country you ostensibly represent? - How about Mexico, Brazil, all of the Western Hemisphere? At some point even the American Indians, Aztecs, Mayans, etc. "used warfare to expand their territories." In case you haven't noticed that is the way of the human existence. Whether you like it or not, there it is. Then, as so ably pointed out above, there is the islamic issues of conquest. Do you propose that islamic folks all leave the places they conquered? That's the logical extension of your argument. I'm game for that. Let's, just for argument's sake, say that Saudi Arabia is the "native land" for islam. What if we just took all the islamic folks and put them all on the Arabian Peninsula? Then your argument for conquerors would have some more validity. At this stage it's obvious you're just talking out of your ass, so STFU.
@Jim Campbell - Indeed! I think they need to tell "Nose-holes" Waxman to shove it. They were doing what they are obligated by federal disclosure rules to do. Had they not done this their shareholders could hold them personally responsible for the loss of share value later on down the line. It just comes back to the fact that none of these Dems have ever had anything to do with a real business or real success.
"...winning support from student government and a campus commencement committee." So they've snowed, or have other supporters within the student gov't. I agree with an earlier post that hope the trustees tell these folks to "pound sand." That's a nice way to put it.
To Pamela and all: May G-d bless your Passover and the coming year. I am continually amazed at the silence, nay complicity, of the American Jewish community, in general, with this atrocious administration and its treatment of Israel. Pamela, you represent, in my mind, a true Jewish person, one strong in heritage, belief, and faith. Why do the others even bother identifying themselves as Jews? They don't seem to care that the OIC and O-zero are colluding for the destruction of Israel and the conquering of Jerusalem by islam. Granted, I, as a Christian, don't have the family heritage or memory of the holocaust motivating me. But as a compassionate human being, I don't see how a person of Jewish heritage could just ignore the resurgence of the same rhetoric and public slander that preceded the holocaust.
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Pamela, thanks for that! Blunt, in-yer-face insight is quite welcome in this discussion. Hopefully it will spread beyond blogs like this. Sheik yer'mami - The Confucius quote is amazingly apropos. That's what George Orwell was warning of in 1984. Double plus good. ;) Sarastro - Consider the anger that Jefferson would have at what public education has become in the last few decades. He and the other founding fathers knew that the survival of the republic requires a populace that can think for themselves, have a true moral compass, and have faith in the Creator, His provision, and the human rights granted by virtue of His creating. Without these things, words, as Sheik yer'mami so aptly pointed out, cease to mean anything; thus, they can be made to mean whatever those in control want.
I think the appropriate answer, in keeping with the USC code quoted above is: "According to Title 13, Chapter 7, Sub-chapter II, Section 221(a), to the best of my knowledge this is none of your business."
Ah yes, the muslim M.O.: don't face someone directely, attack the women and children while they sleep. The religion of peace(TM).... dammit! I'm sure the apologists will strike up the chorus of "it's just tribal", "it's their culture", "it's anything else than islam".
@Atikva - "...which makes his pre-election promises totally worthless." Again. (sarc)ooo i'm surprised (/sarc)
I'm glad to hear this. I hope that it starts to make a difference. I always thought that earmarks were a dishonest way for Congress to do business: add a "hate crimes" law in on defense appropriations, and such.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on Republicans Adopt Earmark Ban! at Atlas Shrugs
@Stephen - "If Turks think they will be the ruling centre of a Caliphate they have another think coming." I would imagine that Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, etc. might take issue with the Turks trying to run things. Of course, it would be the same sentence if you just substitued any one country in there for the other. None of them will allow another the possibility to lead, they'll fight each other till they're all gone, were we to just disappear or convert. So, dream on moslems, dream on, just watch out that the djinn don't get you.
@AuntieMadder - "Is the boundary between parent and child blurred?" Yes, it would seem so. Auntie, my wife and I are in our early 40s. I can't count the number of times we have had to have the discussion with friends, relatives, etc. to exhort them to "be the parent" or "be the adult". It's frustrating. When I was a kid a legitimate, discussion-ending response from my parents was: "because I said so!" When it got to that point, I KNEW there was no more discussion; that is, unless I wanted the discussion redirected to my backside. Sure you want your kids to like you, but you're not their buddies or best pals. Being a parent requires that you exercise discipline in your children, and often it is unpleasant for both parties. Deal with it. Geez. @Isabella - Indeed!
“The enemies of Islam want to create discord among Muslims in the world ..." Seems to me that they are able to generate plenty of discord all by themselves: sunni, shia, etc. They don't need much outside help. "My imam's better than your imam." "Oh yeah?! My imam can kick your imam's donkey's ass!"(is that redundant?)
@RhymeswithRight - While I tend to agree with your assessment, in general, there are a couple of issues I have. First is the issue of details, or lack thereof, as pointed out by AuntieMadder. There is a distinct lack of the teacher's point of view. Secondly, my experience as a kid was that the Jehovah's Witness children in my classes (and there were several at the time) would stand out in the hallway during the pledge of allegiance. We conspicuously don't know whether this girl's refusal to stand is all there really was of the issue. Was she disruptive or vocally disrespectful? Thirdly, with regard to the removal by school security officers, there is a distinct possibility that kids to be sent to the office are escorted by said officers as a policy. I know that the high school that I attended has had to take numerous security measures that, while initially appearing over-board, might be reasonable considering the various behavioral issues that have been experienced. I would hate to attend that school now based on the violence and general disrespect for authority that the students have. I agree that if my child were coerced into singing homage to 0-bambam, I'd blow a gasket. I also agree that this isn't an issue that should be coerced on the part of the teacher. But I just can't help but feel that there is a WHOLE lot of information about this story that we're missing, especially considering the actors: CAIR and ACLU. I hope that the teacher doesn't lose her job, certification, etc. If the story is as blandly truthful as stated, I hope she learns what she should and carries on. However, I would guess that they're going to try to lynch this person much as Rifqa has been in the press. Or to put it another way, I'll be REALLY surprised if she isn't. @Isabella - I'm not sure I clearly understand your feelings on the matter. ;)
@PekingDuck - you say: "Let's face it, what he did was thoroughly illegal..." What, exactly, is illegal? O'Keefe was not the one dressed as a phone repairman. Apparently, he was just in the waiting area of an open-for-business office. How do you get "breaking in" as part of this? Sure the other guys mis-represented themselves as repairmen, again not necessarily unlawful. Nor did they actually do anything to the phone system equipment, again no crime committed. While I agree that in today's climate it might not have been the most brilliant tactic to attempt at a federal building, but I still don't understand what laws were broken, specifically.
jj - Love the aphorism. I agree, but I can't vote against those three. I can ask my reps/senators to kindly begin the petard hoisting, but knowing mine, I won't hold my breath (and they're all Republicans). Richard "Porky" Shelby Jeff Sessions (a bit regretfully...maybe) Spencer Bachus
jj - I concur. I can't even watch him for more than 15 or 20 seconds on the clips folks link to... ewww. 'Course, that applies for Tingles Matthews, Rachel Maddow ...
To quote Doctor Bulldog & Ronin's blog, "We need to get a G.R.I.P. (Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians). I'm sure if they kept going there would be enough for the count to be much greater than just the top 10!