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New England
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This is not about confrontation versus compromise. You missed what is going on. This is about people like Chris Mooney who say the "New Atheists" are doing damage and causing the problem of Americans being unscientific or anti-science. There is no evidence of this at all and to the contrary, there is evidence that confrontational atheists ARE making a lot of headway. I think nearly everything that J.J. Ramsey said is wrong. Norther Ireland was about religion. Religion DOES lead to conflict - just look at the 9/11 terrorists. There is no 'meanness' in what the New Atheists say, it is usually critical thought that is logical and reasonable. It is incredibly ignorant and arrogant of salient to say: "I have just bought the book, so I don't know exactly what he said yet. I took him to be saying that..." Go read the book first, then make a comment. The accommodationists tremble in the shadow of the majority of theists and their fear causes them think illogically. What they have proposed (see "Unscientific America") is not even close to a solution because they do not even come close to seeing the real problem.
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