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Klemenceau, We need visioner thinkers like you for a better Cameroon. I wish others understood you as much as I did. Mr. Countryfowl,being multilangual is what the Holy Mother Church tries to promote especially among it clergymen. We should on our part try to promote our own languages by writing,publishing and teaching our children in them. It is our identtity and pride. The Pope followers/fans all speak the common language of Love.Charity begins at home let's try to buffer what we think is good for our people and all other things will be added upon it. We welcome our Pope with Open hands.
Danny Boy, I am most proud of my race. Do you know that blacks our coming to the Whiteman land to evangelized them?.A case in Piont is at my current Diocese. Do you know that Africa needs to publish extensively or perish according to Aloysius Agendia the veteran Journalist from Cameroon currently in Sweden for further studies?? Do you know that once you are bright and smart and lived/work with the whites they forget about the colour of your skin and treats you normally. Do you know that the brain child behind the internet is from Africa(9ja) To a greater extent the 'I have a dream' speech of Martin Luther Kings is becoming a reality as black folks are now judge by the content of their character and not the colour of their skin. I understand some differences will always crop up but I am very Proud of My Race. When you become bitter and critical ... appeal to 1 Corinthians 13 10. Mr Publisher I have spoken. God Bless the Human race.
My fellow country man, It is all fun for me starting spring with such a mistaken assertion of my personality and what I stand for. hahahaha. I think I will send some of my publications for you to read and know more about my dynamic & realistic stand to issues relating on our beloved Africa I wish Lambert Mbom answer your questions relating to Synoptic Gospels and it related problems because he is an expert in it. I guess u r willing to know more. Wishing the Pope a Hitch free trip to our beloved Nation. God Bless Cameroon.
United States of Africa as you call urself, Come out of your Shell and think Like a wise man who has a vision for his country.The name you mention as yours does not reflect you at all!! because I am a Pan-Africanist and that is not how we call to reason although your opinion count........ Have you not been reading the Bishops letter of Cameroon to all???? Have u ever reflected on the Themes of these Episcopal letters and content?? I think you have to read further and stop castigating your own ignorance and throwing abuses in public.Read the book of Prof. North that led to His Nobel Peace Prize and gain more inspiration.. Check the History of Popes in google after St. Peter and you will be taken aback to know that Africans and blacks have been Popes in the early church and will continue to be so my friend stop pontificating!! Do you actually undertand the Concerpt of a State?? Do you know differences between Political Market and Economic Market?? Man we need a better Cameroon and Africa and not those who will dwell on sentiments and abuse others in your very ignorance.Rememeber Africa can only be what Africans and its friends want Africa to be(Mwalimu George Ngwane)So let's try to be focus and Make the Cameroonian people know that nothing last forever and we should all get ready for change. NB! I get Fat from my scholarly work and always there to support the Church of God okay??
Danny Boy, You seem to write on sentiments up till the point were you say the is no such place as Heaven.Gosh! this is pademonium.Just because some1 made mention of a Sacred thing which is better to ask for clarification than condemning Okay? Remember no one is perfect and we are in a pilgrim world in which some people consider it as a journey to the unknown while others consider a reward for this journey as Heaven and the Holy Father is just a sign post to it. I pray that St. Therese plea to Jesus Christ on your behalf so that you realised that the kingdom of God is at hand.Even if the Pope is called Names it will not change the fact that he always come with Good News about the kingdom.His July 2008 visit to Australia is a testimony of this.God Bless us all.
Lambert Mbom,made a statement in which I second!!Cameroon is indeed becoming an enviable country thanks to these Papal visits to our beloved Nation 'True say'.We are talking here about our lovely country Cameroon. This is a Nation we all dream for it to become better each new day.Cameroon this time around is the central point of international attention and we as Cameroonians should be striving at doing something for Cameroon at this defining moment by using the Curtain Principle of concerntrating on present development and mapping out a better future for Cameroon. It is now an established fact that The Holy Father is visiting Cameroon what are we doing to make Cameroonians benefits much from it?? What Public Relation are we doing for our country? It is time for all of us Cameroonians to learn how to remove the block in eyes before pointing at the speck in others.This will enable us to be proactive in our thoughts and words in order to make this country of ours better than we met it.That's the spirit we need!! Mr. Publisher I have Spoken from {Den Haag}The Hague NL.
I think when we talk of a Papal visit of this nature we should be looking more into the Sacred aspect of it and it implication to the salvation of mankind and a better Cameroon.I remember how Nelson Mandella's statue was errected in the street of London with so much Euphoria and I am was an eye wtinessed to that.That made me very proud of Africa, the presence of the Holy Father in our country will be a period of recollection and a glymse of hope for our Nation. Those who belief in writings of folks who have judge and condemn others with blindfolded evidence are alreading accepting a new Bible with it stereo-type content.Beware not to conform your self to the standard of the world....Rom:12:2. We welcome the Holy Father with all Sanctity and love as we know that there are greater things in heaven in which He act as the billboard.Let all Cameroonains of all works of life support the Government and the Church in this regard.God Bless Cameroon
Benf I like the phrass 'Cardinal is everyone's cardinal'it makes me so proud of my Country and we thank God that His servant is convalescing. Long live the lone Cardinal,long live The Post and The Herald,long live the Cameroon press,Long live Cameroon.
God Blessed Cameroon! I think Mr.Biya's agent are never truthful to him and only tell him what he may want to hear so that they are credited by his regime. Let President Biya use the heart of a good Father and let this teacher go back to his work of educating Cameroonians. I am currently at the vatican and the Pope's visit to Cameroon is a call for concern and every aspect of Cameroon is also being noted. I pray Paul Biya stop trusting some of those his people who bring untold suffering to others just for him to reward them. Long live Cameroon for a better democracy.Bela, visiting Rome scholar