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Precisely. The true foundation of Liberty is free access to information - which is one of the basic benefits of a good public library. Speaking of information... I notice that when I roll over many names on this site, I get a link to the commentor's home page. When I roll over your pseudonym, I get a link to the Amazon home page. It's unclear just precisely what message you're trying to send, unless perhaps that you're an Amazon shareholder. Of course, it's easier to throw rocks from an anonymous hiding place. Perhaps that's your point?
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The library in my town has 16 public-use computers with Internet access. For a good chunk of last year, there was a waiting list to use them, mainly people searching for jobs, or filling out their biweekly unemployment certification. If you don't wish to pay for a public library, then vote against the next library referendum in your community. If you don't wish to pay library taxes that were voted into existence through a democratic process, then perhaps living under a repressive dictatorship would be more to your liking. They don't have public libraries. Or go live on an island. But didn't Mr. and Mrs. Howell operate a library on Gilligan's Island?
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So many great points. So little time to rebut! 1. Working the craft full-time can lose your day job. Trust me on this. But don't ask. 4. Plotz. Uh, make that plots. Anyone who wants can give me a plot. It must come with an adjoining plot for my wife, and the cemetery must accept above-ground monuments, or I'm gonna lose a bundle on that block of carved marble in my garage. 8. No, I don't trip over corpses I can use in a novel. As a whole, we live in an unimaginative society, and our corpses are no better. The ones I've encountered have chosen very un-original manners of death. Another failure of No Corpse Left Behind. 9. You're on Facebook, Jeff? Good. That should be more cost effective than stalking you on the subway. 10. Exotic Death. You're limiting yourself, Jeff. Did you know that stabbing someone in the chest with a frozen Bomb Pop can mimic the effects of being struck by a falling icicle? Think of the misdirection!
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As a college student in 1982, in an ironic move, I contracted infectious mononucleosis. (Ironic, because while mono was once known as "The Kissing Disease", and I had means and motive, I had no opportunity to contract it in that way.) At the peak of the symptoms, I was sleeping up to 20 hours per day. On the worst weekend, at the suggestion of friends, I checked myself into the campus infirmary, where I lay in bed, half awake, staring out the window and listening to the progress of the Falklands War on the network news. Watching The Hurt Locker on DVD was as close as I have ever come to recapturing the experience of that weekend. I think my list for the 10 best comedies would include many of Jeff's, but would also include The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob
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