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Robert Lesser
Toronto, Canada
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Thanks for the sobering story Rebel. A great example of how we need to ensure that our content must be customer-centric.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2009 on Stop with the 4 Letter Words! at Phoenix Rising
One other consideration: integrity. A recent InformationWeek survey of IT buyers indicated that a top concern was for sellers to deliver on what they have promised. Sales should ensure that they are honest with buyers as to what their solution can and cannot do. This is even more pertinent for the SaaS seller who can't lock customers in and must focus on customer retention.
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I wonder whether there is another option: the hybrid creation of blog posts. Many bloggers spend a considerable amount of time in monitoring social media and gathering facts. It would seem that a well-briefed and high functioning third party could assist in social media research, the identification of relevant topics and then the proofing of blog posts. The writing would remain in the domain of the blogger. Would it compromise the authenticity by enlisting this support?
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Hi Paul, I enjoyed your post but wanted to add a dissenting opinion. Like all of us who have commented here, I am a large proponent of social media. However, I feel that we may be 'missing the forest for the trees'. Rather than asking 'What is social media?', I believe that the key question should be 'What is the impact of social media?' In one of your earlier posts this year, you commented that only 64 out of the Fortune 500 are blogging. If we are to build the business case for those organizations that have not adopted social media, we need to be discussing concrete examples of how social media has impacted the objectives of organizations. Otherwise, I fear that we will continue to be preoccupied with this discussion on whether social media is 'blue' or 'red' or 'green'.
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