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I'm online in Second Life as well. Love it. I'm fascinated by the entire VR evolution, and happily anticipate reaching a point of convergence where the VR experinece is on a part with some fictional representations of it that have occured in science fiction (Melissa Scott's Trouble and Her Friends is one of many books in that regard that comes to mind: the infosphere is ubiquitous, and interaction with it through slick VR tools integral to story events.)
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on What is real? at The Long View
Jean Marc, Fascinating map. Thanks for sharing that. I like the theme of your blog and share your long-view interests. You might be interested in a related series of posts I recently did about rising sea levels threatening New York City and other coastal areas, and how this ties in with science fiction. The 2nd in the series has an interesting flood map link that lets you play with what different levels of innundation will look like. You can see the 1st of that series in New York Under Water at Am bookmarking your blog and will definitely be a vistor here in the future. Anyone who links to Die Zeit for international perspective has my vote for Clue. :)
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2009 on A map of global warming at The Long View