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Other people who are happy? Red Sox and Rays fans. Not so happy? Braves fans. Anyone want to predict who's playing in the 2011 NLCS?
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on understatement of the year at
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Had this happen to my parents' house about 15 years ago. It was between floors, along one wall of the house, making the easiest access being through the floor of my old bedroom's closet. Beekeeper game, moved the hive, we got several pounds of honey and I think he still paid my folks. ps: hyperlocal honey is tasty
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Wow. Must tell me this story the next time we have lunch.
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Wow. Or rather, "Whoa." This has caused me to throw an exception and I've not yet caught it.
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2010 on putting it behind you at
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Those AdMob #s are nearly a year old! It's even more telling now. It turns out it's not just having a full HTTP stack available so that APIs are easily consumable. Having a simple & consistent system for rendering the UI - thus making it easier to write apps that consume APIs - is just as important. So thank Palm, Nokia and now even RIM for reinforcing the defacto WebKit standard.
I'm not sure I fully understand your solution. Are you saying there's a market for API proxies for analytics, load balancing, and access control? Mashery does this now. Or are you saying that webapp developers who support APIs would do well by themselves by separating these concerns away from their core application into a separate API proxy app?
How about casual computing? Your use cases demand a device that's lower start cost & simpler interactions. Like a smartphone, but more suited to sharing. So the software is done (mobile apps) but the form factor isn't quite right with a smartphone, hence something bigger. Jeff Hawkins wanted this with the Palm Foleo (which never shipped) but attacked the wrong use cases (I was there, still have one, long story). Netbooks, it turns out, running desktop software are just tiny laptops. Nothing new. So Apple makes their version of a netbook and will sell some, but not a lot, until people see the your use cases are valid - kids homework is a big one - and the price comes down a bit more. At $500 I'm not buying 2 or 3 of these to lie around the house. More likely I'll buy gen 3 or 4, or get a free one with my next iMac. Meanwhile, a Kindle at $200-250 remains compelling.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2010 on the ipad is the family computer at
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Thanks for these. Absolutely awesome.
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Over 80% of Twitter's traffic is from the API. The website is one of their smaller concerns. So I guess a lot of people disagree. Silly, silly people.
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