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You've hit the nail on the head here. It's a classic case of how finance and operations departments in big business have an arrogant disregard for customers. So long as the Finance and Ops Directors hit their targets they'll do fine. I pray that they don't have a marketing department. If they do - they should hand their heads in shame. The customer experience is shocking, and they either haven;t bothered to trial it for themselves, or they're too scared of the growly Ops and Finance directors who concern them with the real business of running a railway...hitting bonus. For the first time in ages we thought long and hard about driving down to London this week. In the end we went for the train and regretted every second. Cold, draughty, uncomfortable. Disgusting toilets - like third world disgusting, I won't go into detail. The disregard for customers has extended to the train guard. She read a 10 minute announcement outlining who was allowed to be a customer on that train and who wasn't. Anyone who didn't qualify (i.e. had the temerity to purchase a cheap a ticket) would be penalised by having to pay the 'correct' (i.e. full price) fare. When she did come round, it felt like our tickets were being inspected by the a Soviet border guard "papers! you are not authorised to travel. Come vith me....". And the worst thing...the bloody a announcer as you leave every single station offering teas, coffees, hot and cold sandwiches... Why does the phone always ring at that point?! Let's get together and commission a PR and marketing agency Leeds to London minibus service. We could probably get an EU grant for it!
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