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Mary, when I see posts from sickies like NonePlease, I'm tempted to hold out my hand & say..."you want a negative/angry/putting you down for your stupidity,answer, YOU HAVE TO PAY ME FIRST. I have no idea why some people get their kicks from getting negative responses.....but they do & to my mind, they should have to pay, just like they have to pay prostitutes to pee on their sorry selves. Which by the way is one of the things "the girls" are asked for most often ....who knows why??? I bet you anything NonePlease is into that as well...enough said.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2010 on On Compassionate Bullets at Animal Person
PLEASE...everyone, I want more info. on that interview with the animal eater...was it John Anderson or John Henson who did the interview? We need to send him a big thank you for speaking the truth. I want to send a copy of that interview to Dawnwatch & also to several AR groups. Becci...where is your blog? I'd like to read it. Mary...isn't it interesting that you chose to watch THAT particular show...a show I'm guessing you probably wouldn't usually watch....but "something" led you to watch it....kind of spooky...but in a very good way.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2010 on On Wipeout and Lion Burgers at Animal Person
Dan wrote: "Religious belief certainly seems like one obstacle to progress among at least a few to me" YES! To me as well, Dan. And for me, if I try to pretend agreement or even respect for something that makes no sense at all, I know I'm not going to be able to pull it off. I bought those Norm Phelps books hoping to learn how to be a better "pretender". Are they helping me with that? Sadly, not so far. I'm afraid, I have to stick with what rings true to me. Which is, just like Mary said, "atheism and veganism go hand-in-hand."
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2010 on On Atheism and Veganism, Part Deux at Animal Person
WOW, what a timely subject. I just got these 2 books a few minutes ago. ( The Great Compassion: Buddhism and Animal Rights) & (The Dominion of Love: Animal Rights According to the Bible) By Norm Phelps who I very much respect as a hard core AR/Abolitionist. BUT....I bought the books because he's saying just the opposite of what I've always believed. I have always felt we will never be able to reach any goals in helping non humans until the world wakes up and realizes that ALL religions are just a bunch of silly man made up myths. I suspect from reading all these posts today I'm not alone in thinking that but....OH comes this guy who I really look up to & everything and he's saying: "In America, campaigns for social justice succeed to the degree that they receive support from organized religion. Causes that enjoy the sponsorship of our churches and synagogues become public policy; those that do not remain marginal or vanish from view." He's a Budist, by the way. So at this point....I just don't know. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'll never be anything but a non-beliver/vegan but if we have to kiss some religious ass to help the animals.....well, ok I guess I can, but I WON'T LIKE IT!
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on On Atheism and Veganism at Animal Person
I don't think there was ever a time in my life...even 60+ years ago when I didn't know at least on some level that eating animals was wrong. Nor can I understand why it took me so long to stop. If anyone can help me find a way to forgive my self for all the years I gave money to the animal killers...buying the poor dead bodies & eating them, I wish they would. Funny thing is, I can forgive others & come up with excuses like, oh, they just didn't think about it...or they didn't know any better, but those excuses don't work for me. What made me stop, and I became vegan overnight, was I guess, that I really do love money.....yes I DO! Don't tell me money can't buy happiness because to me freedom is the most precious thing of all and money CAN buy freedom. And when I suddenly realized I WAS GIVING MONEY TO THE PEOPLE I HATED MOST (people who torture & kill defensless animals for profit) I was appalled! I..ME...The great animal lover, was helping them stay in business! That was 20 years ago & like I said.....I'm still looking for some way to forgive my thoughtless stupidity.
Well, I can tell you I've changed my responses to the "are you judging me?" question. I now answer, "you bet I am! The animal abusers & killers depend on people like you to buy the dead hell yes I'm very much judging you because you're part of the problem....are you not?"
"And there's no sweeter thought to an atheist vegan than the idea that the mainstream has begun to take those two important notions seriously." Really? Well that's music to these old ears of mine as well! I just want to say..I really missed you & was so happy to see you back this AM. As for the atheist-on-agnostic (and -on-believer) hate....actually I haven't encountered that but let me go visit some boards I haven't been to a while to see if I see changes. I'll let you know...but again...go good to see you back.
I don't know...everybody's different I guess but to me it all has to do with money. I mean I really REALLY like & respect money. Money buys me the thing I cherish the most...FREEDOM & I desperately want us all to be free. Loving money the way I do, there's no way I could be anything BUT a vegan. I mean I don't even like giving money to charities that I love.....oh oh oh...don't get me wrong, I DO give to many AR & Rescue causes. In fact I gave so much last year I didn't even have to pay any Federal taxes....but my point is, I'd rather just keep the money for myself & if I don't like giving it to those I like & respect how could I EVER give even one cent to an animal killing company? NO...the easiest thing in the world is NOT giving money to people or companies who enslave animals. Deb....I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you about your neighbor. Sort to like my grandfather....kind and sweet he was to me...loved me very much, but he was in the KKK and to me that makes him evil....pure & simple and anyone who could watch Earthlings & not be moved is the same kind of evil....heartless... I don't care how pleasant he may seem. On the other seem to think you may be able to bring him into the light. And for that, you have my highest respect.
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