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Georg Felis
Westmoreland, KS
Recent Activity
It seems whenever RP supporters throw a fit and scream "Objection! Objection!", they think that will magically get their way. Its resembles trying to get a toddler through the cereal aisle, the RP caucus behavior is only missing frothing at the mouth and flinging themselves on the floor to have a fit. To their credit, they are different than the #occupy crowd, RP supporters do know what soap is. Less Alinsky, more Civility please.
When a prediction does not match reality, there are three possibilities. The behavior is too complex to predict, the predictor is incompetent, or the predictor is biased. You seem to think “Nobody saw it” is a good excuse, when in fact a large number of people saw the upcoming collapse, warned about it, and were roundly bashed at the time, and ignored afterwards. But this is not a new phenomena, a student of history should be well aware of the phrase “you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children” Myself, I would rather believe bias.