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I have to admit I struggle strongly with this issue-as a Messianic Jew who unequivocally supports Israel & her Jewish people but with that said how can I as a fiscal hawk who has come down on all other unnecessary spending seeing as we're almost 15trillion in the hole now with a projected 1.3 trillion for this year. Some would say it's only 3 billion & they are our best ally in the region (they are) so lets help them but we just can NOT as it simply comes down to the Fact we do NOT have it to give! In order to give ANY financial aid to Israel we have to ask Ben @ the Fed to print it up for us oh and that 3 billion devalues all the dollars before it! So the question becomes do we Sacrifice our own nation's economy/currency to aid others (even Israel)I regret to say we must Not!
Trump is a Chump! He talks out of his ass & is nothing more than a Smooth Talking RHINO! His interests are his Own & he'll just use a Presidential run to make some $$$$$! As to Ron Paul with our deficit in Insane category Land & our monetary policy setting us on the Road to Hyper-inflation Ron Paul's message will be the Voice of Reason in the cackle of the Old Republican Guard of RHINO's! He'll take the youth vote away from most except for Palin-I truly believe she'll win in the end! Palin/Bachmann 2012 will win
All that is needed to see in this article is this:So would the Muslim Brotherhood, if in a position of government, help groups like Hamas? Yes, sure. Do you recognize Israel as a state? No. Enough Said! Obama is Anti-Israel/Anti-Jew he makes Jimmy Carter look sensible by comparison! He wants Israel & it's people Gone & the Land "restored" to his Muslim brothers & sisters!
I agree with Cate, I believe this conflict is being escalated in hopes of creating a situation where either Bibi is killed or removed from office in a coup attempt. Any war there could give them the opportunity they are looking for to bring CENTCOM into Israel & then with a leader of their choosing in place & our military to back it up give the Palestinian's Jerusalem (pre 67 borders) for now & more to be ceded back later. I have news for them, there is a GOD and HIS (the Jews) people live on the Land HE gave them & if it is not in His will then no matter what they try to do it will FAIL!
I have no doubt that this is Obama's main plan to FORCE Israel to cede ALL the West Bank to the Palestinian's but in order to get our troops in there he needs to de-stabilize Israel from the government down & have them ask him for help but that's when this Beast will show his True colors!
I think it's time to send these traitors to our Republic a virtual pitchfork to give them a visual of possible coming attractions should they DARE pass Obamacare tomorrow send it to all the dem's especially pelosi & reid
Now it has become crystal clear as to WHY the dem's tied the takeover of student loans onto the Obamacare-If doctor's & nurses try to leave their professions & still owe on their student loans-too bad so sad-indentured servitude to Obama or pay your student loans back in Full-your choice!
What I find most interesting about this pic as the longer end of the cross is at the top thus making it inverted-Gee who does that? The devil that is who-mocking Christ & his sacrifice on the cross. This man & those who serve him-serve the Evil one-Period end of story!
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L_rd please heal Rush, touch his body in Y'shua's name Amen!
Pray, Pray & then Pray some more! Islam is a False & Pagan religion & is powerless against the God of the Bible! These men foolishly strive against God but it is He who will have the last word to them & that is Guilty! Rifqa is in God's hands & I can't think of a Better place to be! Father give Rifqa your Peace & Supernatural favor at her next hearing in December & bring confusion to the Islamic lawyers sent against her-In Jesus name Amen!
He is after all a Muslim so like that Nasad guy his allegiances are with Allah & Islam first & foremost. Why should we expect anything else but his utter complete disrespect for our flag,Constitution & it's people!
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What I fear for this poor girl is that the "Authorities" will forcibly send her back to her family where she will be killed & then they after disposing of her body they WILL claim she ran away again this time never to be found.
Fortunately for me my conscience is clean regarding voting for either Franken or Ellison. What concerns me & my wife most about all this is that the Mosque where ALL of these Somali men were recruited is here in Mpls and what is to keep them from just strapping on bombs here in the cities instead of going back to serve Al Quieda back home? Minneapolis "Could" be the source of the next terrorism event here in the U.S. and that is most chilling a thought as I would ever like to think but thanks to Congressman Ellison it could be a reality sooner rather than later.
This is one of our favorite sci/fi-conspiracy flicks, John Carpenter wrote the musical score himself one of the best Blues beats you'll ever hear in a movie. Oh and the scene in the store where the alien says that We are moving into a new era is so Obama-esque it's scary plus all the subliminal signs all over-Great flick-enjoy
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Pamela, it sometimes shocks me too that it seems as there are Jews who have forgotten about G_D's covenant with Israel :( Iran & her allies can bluster & boast all they want but at the END of the battle Israel & her people will still be there! I know that Iran still has a part to play in the End Times we find ourselves in as in Ezekiel 38 there is a war where Iran,Russia,Turkey & Egypt(and others)will attack Israel to plunder her riches & try to wipe it off the face of the earth (again) G_D is Faithful & He will keep HIS land & HIS people safe (Read Tehillim 91) Baruch Hashem!