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I love to check out your blog when there are a lot of projects posted. I always check in, but it's sweeter when I get to see the cool projects! Thank you 4 the chance to win this super cool kit all the way from Spain!!! BTW: I think it's neat, my husband is hispanic. They speak the same derelict in some regions of Spain.
MONSTROSITY!!!!! That's the one for me!!! I have 4 monsters of my own & they are indeed just as colorful & cute as your so I do believe they'll be perfectly paired!!!! Thank you Sassafras!!! Mika
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2009 on who wants it ALL??? at sassafras
I thINk tHis liNe iS fABuliStiC!!!! I wAnt iT SOooOO bAd!!! mY clOseSt Lss iS ArChiVerS & thEy CarRy A tiny, tiny Bit oF SasSAfrAs lAss. HoG hEAvEn ONLY!! RecENtlY howEver TheY'Ve aDDed sOme StItChed BuTtonS1 PLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE HHHEEELLPP!!! ThIs Is My BaTtLe CRy!!!!!! ThAnKyou, MiKa chAveZ
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2009 on you're gonna likey this contest... at sassafras
Hello. This looks like a kit I'd absolutely LOVE to have & play around with. I actually am working w/ my husband on ways to improve our marriage. We have a beautiful marriage but, can you not strive to be better. We don't want to slip into the mundane of everyday life. It's so nice to have been married for quite awhile & still experience the "new relationship" endorphins & butterflies you get when you know you'll be seeing each other soon. I am blessed! So this is what I am learning right now. Thank you for the opportunity. Mika
Toggle Commented May 12, 2009 on freehand scraps wants to give it away! at sassafras