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there goes the all white jersey theory.
Is this Nigeria Venezuela game being played on artificial turf?
are you guys watching on 360? i just get a blank screen, did it take a long time to load?
I thought the game was going to be broadcast on ESPN Classic. Will it still be on ESPN Classic?
I think they should implement a challenge system like the NFL. If they don't like a referee's call the coach can challenge the play and the referee has to review it. If the coach is right the call is reversed, but if the coach is wrong he loses a timeout. But instead of giving up a timeout teams would give up a substitution. I would also limit it to one challenge per game or half. What do you guys think?
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2009 on The goal that never was at Soccer By Ives
a crazy fan just rushed the field of the Costa Rica El Salvador game. El Salvador 2 Costa Rica 1.
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2009 on 2009 Gold Cup set to kick off at Soccer By Ives
Did anyone go to or watch the game Mexico played against Venezuela in Atlanta? I watched some on tv and it seemed like the Georgia Dome could handle a soccer game pretty well. Although I did think the field looked a little small.
I think Tim Howard and the defense need to communicate more. Because Timmy almost never passed or rolled the ball out to the defense. Every ball he sent out was basically a long 50/50 that went directly to Brazil.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2009 on Brazil 3, USA 2: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
once AGAIN BEASLEY'S fault!
We need to bench Beasley NOW!
Is there anyway we can file a complaint to ESPN?
ESPN really? They should've moved the game to ESPN and pushed back Sports Center. Looks like we're gonna finally see the game. TWO HOURS LATE!
I think Ives lineup is what we'll see tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see either Freddy or Torres tomorrow. Has anyone been watching the Iraq v Spain game? It looks like Iraq is playing pretty well against Spain.
Maybe the reason for keeping Freddy and Torres out of the 18 is Honduras is a physical team and Adu and Torres are too little. Other than that it doesn't make sense why they aren't on the 18. At least Beasley isn't getting the start.
Mike I couldn't agree with you more. Mastro's experience was so valuable tonight. *sarcasm*
NOW WE KNOW, Beasley is not a defensive option. In fact i think Beasley should be benched next game. Wynne is nowhere near ready. We would've been better off if we played Demerit in the middle, moved Boca out left, and played Spector on the right. or played Spector out right and Bornstein out left. P.S. I know I'm beating a dead horse but, taking Torres out of the match at half was probably the most ridiculous decisions of the night.
I agree with Dave Clark. If Israel can play other Middle Eastern teams so can we. I'm pretty sure if this match is played security will be top notch. We should be worried less about security and more worried about losing. Iran has a pretty decent team and a loss to them wouldn't look good politically or for the MNT.
@cam, I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for a US Iraq game in the Confed Cup. Aside from the possible political benefits, this would also be great for soccer in the US as a whole. If this goes through it would generate so much free publicity in this country. Channels like CNN will jump all over this story, and it will only help the sport get bigger and gain more respect.
why do people keep saying feilhaber needs an attitude adjustment? what has he done?
this is off topic but does anyone know anything about public transportation in Chicago. i'm planning on going to the Honduras game and i need some info.
RSF My point is they were showing "classic boxing" from 1993 on ESPN1 and a live MLS game on ESPN Classic. It just seems backwards to me. Wouldnt it make more sense to show the "vintage boxing" on ESPN Classic and the live game on ESPN1. I was just frustrated that ESPN's MLS "Game of Week" was switched to a channel that few people have while ESPN1 was showing an old boxing match from 16 years ago. I'll only stop complaining about ESPN's coverage when soccer games get full pre game and post game coverage. And when they get someone to slap Jim Rome in the face.
pride of the east You hit the nail on the head. I also think they should televise more games in Seattle and Toronto since those teams are almost guaranteed to have a reasonable amount of fans. Did anyone else find it ridiculous that the game on ESPN2 was moved to ESPN Classic? I flipped over to ESPN1 and they were giving vintage boxing from 1993. Wouldn't it make more sense if they move the vintage boxing to ESPN Classic and televised the game on ESPN1 instead. The people working at ESPN are either soccer haters or just plain stupid.
never mind, i think i saw him, is he number 3?
thanks. do you know if boca is still in the game? because i dont see him.